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#2 The Person Starts Constant Conflict Wherever They Go also known as Fire Starter Programming:

This type of person trims their own tall poppy by creating conflict everywhere they go. The fire starters send other people running away because of their constant need for drama, conflict and negativity. The glass is always half empty for the fire starter and they usually focus on the negative. This type of programmed pattern of behaviour is often a result of high exposure to negative media. The negative media we consume as ‘entertainment’ are your soap operas, reality TV shows and so on. These shows imprint all sorts of non human repetitive messages into the subconscious mind pathway ranging from violence, fear, terror, panic, cheating, lying, stealing and killing. Furthermore, religious indoctrinated people can also often carry this programming. Being labeled a sinner more than twice (the repetition frequency needed to change behaviour, belief and thought patterns) can program the psyche for perpetual shame, guilt and self loathing for an entire lifetime. It is as simple as this: we don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we’re programmed. For example, if we see shame, guilt, fear, self loathing, lying, cheating, stealing and killing everywhere that is because this has been programmed into us. Soap operas have a major influence on the fire starter programming and negative/victim mindset behaviours.

If you observe closely and I mean really observe closely it is so easy to see that all the movies and TV shows are about drama, conflict and heightened negative emotions. If/when you drown your subconscious mind pathway in this negative repetitive content, its design leaves no choice but to turn you into a radio antenna that constantly broadcasts drama, conflict and negativity into the outside world. Trust me you will see this, when someone enters a group situation with fire starter programming, they only attempt to bond through negativity. This infects others with that seed and it grows that negative tribe to fit the environment where they are most comfortable. It is important to note all our behvaviours are programs and that means that we can literally reprogram into something else at any given time. Changing behaviour is not a matter of free will or determination, it has absolutely nothing to do with a process that’s so long and challenging. You can change your behaviour in a matter of 10 minutes with very simple and quick reprogram techniques. This video clearly demonstrates how this can be done. Take a look.


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