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#4 The Person Constantly Frames Themselves As The Victim.

#4 The Person Constantly Frames Themselves As The Victim And Always Offers Every Detail Regarding Their Past Trauma:

We endeavour to know what happened to our clients when they were young, all of it. Saying that, it’s important to know when the client is caught in their own trauma because of a simple psychological sleight of hand involved inside our behaviour based control grid today. The primary therapists inside our modern society often trap patients in their cycles of past trauma and there’s one major problem with this. The repetitive focusing on pain, trauma and emotional wounding gets counted by the subconscious mind, in the exact same way that the subconscious counts and documents all other repetitive content. The subconscious is designed to count repetitive content and/or repetitive emotions, in order to determine the safe card to play inside that particular herd. If negative repetitive content is what’s most frequently observed through visual and audio centers, the subconscious will receive its usual commands to mimic that repetitive content in order to bond with that particular herd. Furthermore, our most basic safety seeking mechanisms are based on mimicking, emulating and mirroring that most repetitive content in our environment. The subconscious also cannot tell the difference between repetitive content that’s imagined, repetitive content that’s on a screen or repetitive content that’s observed in real time. Additionally, if you’re in a therapist chair and you keep flooding your minds eye with trauma after trauma and emotional wounding after emotional wounding. The subconscious believes that you live in a trauma and emotionally depressed tribe. Once that inversion is established, our behviour is cemented. The safest role to play in a trauma and emotionally wounded tribe is to be traumatised and emotionally wounded. On the flip side, being happy and successful would be the most dangerous role to play in that wounded tribe. It is very simple, if you focus on your past and your past trauma you live out the past and your past traumas daily. This is just the way human behaviour is manufactured.

People who play the perpetual victim are often heavily involved with the conventional medical system, which hands out emotional support by the truck purposely. When a person stays stuck in their trauma inside our information based control grid that traps clients in cycles of self sabotage, they’ll always get their base emotional needs met plus much more. Their emotional needs are met by constantly playing the victim and focussing on their trauma. In our modern society, the person who plays the perpetual victim and recounts ‘why’ they can’t succeed or why they can’t take full responsibility for their life are purposely placed on the front page of the paper and constantly given the limelight. This is done to modify their behaviour in a ‘race to the bottom’ end game. Our information based control/behaviour grid will always give out positive reinforcement all day long when someone volunteers to stop their progression into an empowered adult. Thus, this keeps the public easier to rule, control and manipulate in a disempowered, diseased and disoriented state. The more dysfunctional you portray yourself to be, the more emotional stroking you get from an engineered system, designed to provide constant fake feel good feedback for anyone wanting to fall flat on their face every single day. When you modify the behaviour of the public so this ‘race to the bottom’ looks like a chance of happening or a coincidence, our social engineers can never take responsibility for orchestrating the massive dysfunction exploding in our society today. Why? Because they say ‘the people did this to themselves.’ We chose to take an experimental known poisonous jab, we chose to watch TV and be sucked in by the blatant lies, we chose to live in fear of a virus made up of pure garbage everything happening now we chose this. Yes people chose to take the jab to keep jobs, roof over their head etc etc, but if we all chose to stand together and rise as one (we still can) there are 8 billion of us and only 100,000 or so of them. We win every time. Where has our power gone? We have handed our power to people who did not deserve it. We have come to trust in the ‘system.’ The ‘system’ that is so backwards and does not have our best interests at heart. This is all part of the victim mindset on a world scale. We have the power. We have sedated ourselves for too long. We can all rise.

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