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5 Reasons Why I Quit Alcohol Forever.

Our culture in modern society has completely normalised alcohol. Drinking alcohol is what we have been programmed to do through various ways such as in the movies, tv shows, radio, social media, your childhood environment, sporting clubs/arenas etc… It is what you do when you celebrate an achievement, birthdays, weddings, to socialise and fit in, after a match inside a sporting club etc. Alcohol isn't what you think it is... Are you aware that alcohol is a poison in any amount? There’s always an excuse attached or a reason to justify why you would be consuming it. Such as ‘oh everything in moderation.’ You’re always told that on a repetition basis from your screens. Remember the subconscious loves repetition whether it is good or bad. However, they forget to tell you that alcohol reduces life expectancy in any amount. So ponder this, is poison in ‘moderation’ really good for you? Furthermore, poisoning yourself in any amount means deep down that you’re afraid to be your best and strive for something better. Alcohol along with many other substances are what keeps you stuck in the crab bucket dreaming of better days.. Yet we as a society have accepted this poison and have completely drowned ourselves in it. As the person behind the bar says, “what's your poison?” Ponder this, the next time you drink alcohol and ask yourself this simple question is this where your best self and your best life go down the gutter of misery? Become aware of your feelings or emotions that have arisen in your body when you're about to take a drink... It is time we as a society stop drowning ourselves with instant pleasure chemicals and/or substances that drive you down the gutter.. Our society is littered with ‘entertainment’ and distractions to stop you from being your best self. I feel it is time to start levelling up in our lives and take back our power.

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For me, it’s been almost 2 years since I last touched a drop of alcohol. I am very proud of this achievement. I used alcohol for many reasons between the ages of 18-27. I was the Usain Bolt at running away from myself and my pain and I used alcohol as one of the many outlets. I also drank because everyone else around me was drinking, I did it to fit in for a long time. Everyone was doing it, from my teammates in footy and cricket, to my school buddies, to my family it was everywhere. I was exposed to alcohol as a child between the ages of 0-7 (the key age bracket where you pick up all of your subconscious programmes in which you run today). My Grandparents owned a pub when I was first born. Which therefore meant alcohol was a huge thing in my environment growing up, I was surrounded by people drinking. I was always destined to eventually pick up a bottle outside of my conscious awareness.

My Podcast With Tanner Dagenais Discussing Our Battle With Addictions (Including Alcohol):

Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Decided To Turn My Back On Alcohol Forever:

1. That Little Voice.

I always had a little voice deep inside telling me that there was something better, something more for me out there. I often speak about this voice, because it is special to me and it was not only telling me to stop drinking but it was telling me to stop this lifestyle, stop running away from myself and my pain and go within to start my healing journey. As soon as I listened to this little voice my life changed forever. I am forever grateful I stopped and listened to completely transform myself and my life for the better.

You can listen to yours too. We all have an inner guidance. Reach out anytime and let’s get you started.

If you would like to read more about ‘The Inner Guidance’ follow this link:

2. I Didn't Like The Person I Became When I Consumed Alcohol.

When I consumed alcohol I became either angry and aggressive or I was super horny. It was most of the time the latter. I would literally consume one drop and I would become this different person, I wasn’t myself and I would either ditch or not be present with my friends and would pursue women… This cycle would repeat itself every weekend. Most Sundays would be spent in regret from the night before due to my behaviour. I would also often use or hide behind alcohol consumption as an excuse for my poor, irrational and immature behaviour.

3. I Wanted My Sundays Back.

Every Sunday from the ages of 18-27 would be spent hungover on the couch in and out of sleep… I would feel like absolute pure shit every single Sunday. I had no energy to do anything but lay down and eat horrible food. Sometimes I wanted to read, or go out in nature, exercise or have the freedom to do something else on a Sunday. The best thing I did was quit drinking because now I have my Sundays back. This blog was written on a Sunday.

4. Dehydration.

From Sunday through to Thursday I would not only be quite tired and still recovering from the weekend that was. I was often dehydrated. I would find myself in the days after drinking more water to replace what I drank in terms of alcohol. Since I quit alcohol, my hydration levels are balanced, my body is processing water as it was designed to do, and I feel I do not have to drink more water to catch up. This has been very beneficial to my overall health in the last 2 years post alcohol consumption.

5. Hangovers.

Every Sunday would be the same, I would feel like absolute pure garbage, be craving bad food, and in and out of sleep for the majority of the day. I was sick of feeling like this every Sunday, I hated myself and my choices I would often make from the night before. We as human beings are not designed to function like this after a night of drinking poison. I would also find that I wouldn’t recover fully to 100% until Thursday or Friday then as soon as Saturday rolled around I was back in the cycle again. I am forever grateful that I do not feel like this anymore. If you’re in this cycle there is something better out there for you rather than being stuck in this cycle every Sunday..

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to reach out. I am always here for you. Let's have a conversation..

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

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