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6 Daily Habits That Have Improved My Life:

Updated: May 24

In modern society, people are programmed to destroy themselves and their own potential.. For a moment, have a think about whether your habits are that of self destruction or that of self - empowerment and/or self - improvement. Perhaps you may want to journal this a little more deeply if you wish. If your habits are not working for you then perhaps you need to ask yourself why? Perhaps consider why you drink, why you smoke/vape, why you constantly procrastinate, why you have the gym membership but never go, why you passively scroll your phone looking at meaningless things, why you sabotage good relationships, why you’re having constant negative thoughts and having loveless, meaningless casual sex and hitting repeat in the gutter of misery. The list goes on… Quite often there is fear involved and also subconscious programming that is preventing you.. This programming stems back to your childhood and what you have been exposed to on a repetition basis. For example, if your environment was constantly negative and full of people either on the screen or in your house, who didn’t take care of themselves who may have drank alcohol to escape, smoke or do drugs. You registered this a program on a repetitive basis as a bonding and safe mechanism inside your psyche. Furthermore, you deemed this familiar and this is what you’re acting out today. You're functioning as designed, you are not broken… However, you need to be aware that your subconscious runs your life. As I stated before this part of the mind only wants what is safe for you becasue it loves you....

Between the ages of 0-7 is where you pick up all of your programming that runs your life today. This programming stems from the school system, parents, friends of friends, and TV as well to obey, comply and follow the majority (the bigger group). If the majority are heading for the cliff or down the gutter of misery you will go with them if you are not aware of your patterns or your behaviour.. Furthermore, if the majority are drinking alcohol down at the pub like your parents used to do, then that is what you will end up doing as a blend in, fit in, go along to get along mechanism.. For example you may find that you are telling yourself you’re quitting porn or quitting junk food but instead find yourself eating a tub of ice cream jacking it off to porn only minutes, hours or days later… Ponder these questions before you do something you know you should not be doing. Are you stressed, tired, lonely, sad and depressed? If you have answered yes, then you will be drawn to these habits as a safety and coping mechanism. Rather than sitting with yourself and dealing with your pain.. Why? Because it is in all of the movies and Tv shows to suppress your pain, numb your feelings and eat, drink, sleep or fuck your emotions and pain away. Just remember that for next time, it’s a program. It’s not you, it’s not who you are and it has nothing to do with your reality. These programs can be changed and shifted instantly with conscious awareness and replacing that program with something positive. This is where I come in. I can help you identify the root cause of these programmes and help you shift them into something better and allow you the opportunity to heal, learn, forgive, transform, evolve, love and grow. Reach out anytime I am always here for you.

To be your best self it starts and ends with you and your habits. Your habits on a daily basis determine your trajectory in life. Here are six daily healthy habits that I have implemented in my life that have drastically improved my trajectory and have helped me overcome my negative habits and addictions. These habits over time have out - repped the old habits and negative influences. Furthermore, there is no quick fix or an overnight cure. These habits require patience, resilience and discipline.. Add those three core values into the mix and you will get there trust me. Progression not perfection.. Feel free to try these for yourself daily when you feel stressed, sad, angry etc…

1. Sleep Early (Before 10:30)

I always ensure I am asleep between 8:15 PM - 9:00 PM every night. I also make sure that I am falling asleep after a meditation (or during) or a hypnosis so that I am fully relaxed and my mind is switched off so I sleep deeply. This has been essential to my overall bodily function and energy levels. I was always one to go to sleep late, especially on weekends and it would take me days to recover and ‘catch up.’ I always ensure I am getting the proper amount of sleep and rest. The benefits of an early night are endless. If you can get 4-5 hours of sleep before midnight you are getting adequate and deep rest. You are winning in the circle of life with this habit. Meanwhile by doing this you are also keeping your circadian rhythm in alignment.

2. Rise Early.

Getting to sleep early means you’re able to get out of bed early.. I wake up at 4am (weekdays) for gym and on weekends I am up and into my day between 6am - 7am. You will find if you keep up this habit your body will just adapt and you will have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to face the day. You must ensure you are going to bed early for this to work efficiently. Upon waking early you will find you will have more hours in the day to write a blog, go to the gym, read, exercise, start a business, start a podcast etc. You will have more time to get things done. The benefits are endless.. Get out of bed early and start building your best life and self!

3. Going To The Gym

This habit has been an absolute game changer in my life over the last three and a half months (of this writing). Lifting weights is the ultimate fat burner. Not only do I leave the gym feeling good, I leave with more self - confidence, self -belief and physical strength. When I lift that heavier weight it has a ripple effect throughout my body and my life. I have found I have more strength to go back and deal with more emotions and triggers that arise throughout the day. I am building my strength physically and spiritually. You can do this to. Get to the gym and watch your life change.

4. Meditation.

Since implementing meditation into my daily routine I find I can shift, process and deal with my emotions and tap into my creative and manifestation power. This habit has been a powerhouse habit to incorporate into my life either upon waking or before I go to sleep. This calms my mind, and my entire nervous system down when it is in overdrive. Especially, when a hard day or something in my life has made me feel stressed, sad, lonely, depressed, angry etc instead of cracking open a bottle of beer, scrolling my phone, rubbing one out over porn, smoking/vaping etc I sit with myself and put on a guided meditation to let go of whatever emotion has arisen. Relax, deep breathe and meditate your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

5. Stretching/Yoga.

I ensure I stretch daily. Part of my nightime routine is stretching for 30-40 minutes. I deep breathe and hold my deep stretch poses for an extended period of time (45 seconds - one minute). This relaxes my body and allows me to stretch out any tightness I may be feeling in the body. Sometimes there are emotions attached and I ensure I hold space for myself to let go of them as well. I have never been able to touch my toes, now I can confidently say that not only can I touch my toes, I can touch the floor. Yoga has been a game changer for me as well. I do Kundalini or Yin Yoga 2-3 times a week.. This helps me reconnect with myself and also gives me a little energy boost during the middle part of the day. Jump on youtube and have a look, there are plenty of Yin and Kundalini channels.

6. Clean Water/Food.

Drinking more water and staying hydrated is crucial to overall health and function as a human being. Our bodies are 60% water, it is essential. However, your tap water is toxic and does more harm than good. Your tap water has fluoride (fluoride does not do what you are programmed to think it does) and harmful heavy metals in it such as aluminum. Drinking this toxic water does not hydrate you. Filter your water by any means necessary. Add real Earth based salt to your water such as magnesium, Celtic Sea Salt, pink Himalayan Salt and/or Australian Rock Sea Salt. These salts are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial for your body. Furthermore, these salts do not cause a spike in diabetes or cholesterol or whatever the media and/or government tell you. The table salt you buy and consume in the supermarket is extremely harmful to our bodies..

Dr. Dean Burk - Fluoride Causes Cancer (Information known back in in the 1930’s)

Eating organic real whole food has filled my body with the proper nutrients it needs to lift my energy and vibration. I feel more alive and more energetic eating amazing real food. I know where my food has come from as I have built a rapport with the legend who I buy it off. I am not eating dead food that has been sprayed with harmful herbicides and pesticides. When you consume real organic food you are supporting local farmers who grow your food with love consciousness. These people love what they do. You’re eating that energy. When you eat supermarket dead food the people serving it and growing it they hate what they do for a living therefore you’re eating that dead entity. You are more worthy than that. Yes organic food costs more, however you’ll be eating less because you’ll find you’ll be fuller for longer. The benefits are endless, treat your body the right way and stop treating it like a rubbish bin and it will work for you instead of against you.

Here is a short video that explain how beneficial eating real whole food is...

Here is another Video where Dave Sandoval explains what Glyphosate is (this sprayed on your mainstream food) and how harmful it really is:

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Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth - Self Sabotage Mentor/Coach.

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