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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

We all incarnate to Earth to love. The question is what or whom do we love? Well the answer is quite simple if you do not think about it and listen to your heart. Rather than think about it, feel it, too many of us are in our heads and it is time to listen to our hearts, our intuition. That is where your divine and real guidance is. We incarnate here to learn many lessons that have not been learnt over eons of time.. One of those is ‘Love’, love for oneself is paramount if you do not love yourself then you will never be able to love someone else. Love for another being, love for nature, love this beautiful planet that we are on.

In modern times, our versions or interpretations if you will, of love are fabricated.. Not many of us I feel do not know how to love. Why? Many reasons, one being as previously stated lack of love for oneself, not being shown love from our parents or being told three simple words from them which is ‘I love you.’ This stems back through generations. It is a pattern that keeps on repeating until we learn the lessons. This is why society is so broken and full of anger, hate, angst and frustration. This is how and why those who rule get away with the pure evil on this planet, because we as a human species have fallen out of love with ourselves.

Love yourself enough that you can fully grasp and understand what love is. Love is pure, unconditional, and real. Feel that feeling yourself first and foremost and watch love come back to you. We all crave this type of love, we long for it, we ache for it. You will end up with it all but fall back in love with yourself first.

I was just like everyone else on this planet. I hated myself, I didn’t know why I hated myself but I did. It wasn’t until last year that I faced my ‘dark knight of the soul’ where I learned that I couldn’t allow love to come to me, because I didn’t love myself. Females would come into my life and I would just sabotage it, because I felt I didn’t deserve something that good in my life. I had a very fabricated view of love to a point where I did not understand love or feel it. I was shut off.. I blamed a lot of my problems on my immediate family, world events, other people etc .. Learning to love myself was a very tough experience that I went through, people came and went and my old life was being turned upside down. I was stripped bare. I had to go and review every aspect of my life and change it for the better. Out with the old in with the new. Through our darkest times we are shown pure love and I got that from my dog Bruno. That's the love we crave and long for. That is as unconditional as it gets. If you ever want to know what pure love is, grab yourself a pet. Man's best friend.

There is hope for us as society, change from fear and hate back into love. Your life will change in an instant, you will go through some hard times but hey life isn’t supposed to be hard at times? Allow me the pleasure to help guide you back into love with yourself. Reach out to me anytime. We all find love for oneself, we heal this planet and who knows maybe we will have heaven on Earth. Wouldn’t that be something?

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