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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

My name is Nathan Francis and I am 28 years old. Throughout my brief time on this planet I, like most people have had to overcome my fair share of traumas, life struggles, addiction, programming and everything in between. I studied a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. I have various other fitness and coaching qualifications also. Let me take you briefly through my journey starting at the very beginning. I am also a certified Freedom from Self - Sabotage coach.

Fast forward to my healing journey which began in 2020 much like most people. Although I followed some of the outrageous ‘restrictions’ my intuition which I did not know I had was telling me something was off. I watched a Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix which stated that the ring runs deeper than what was presented. So I did my research and found out every lie we were ever told. It was during that time I reconnected with a mentor whom I did placement with while I was at university and he told me to research three names Rachel Vaughan, Reina Michaelson and Fiona Barnett. It was then all the dots lined up, my view of the world changed in an instant. We were being lied to about everything and I mean everything. During this time I tried to share some of the information with people and it did not go well, people were either laughing at me or saying they didn’t care. I was told by my father that all this research and information was consuming me and it had no purpose to my life. Meanwhile, I was still getting drunk on weekends, exercising excessively and dealing with all my other issues on top of this. I was an absolute train wreck, my body was screaming at me to change. I was watching some spiritual people talk on youtube and their messages were resonating although I did not understand everything at this point. However, I understood enough. As I kept learning and growing my body was still screaming at me to change, I simply did not know how. AFL Grand final 2021 was the last night I was drunk, I knew it was going to be. I stood back and observed my surroundings. I was drinking with boys younger than I was and I was conducting myself the way a child would when it needed attention. I woke up the following morning, severe hangover and said to myself in the mirror. ‘No more, I am never feeling like this again.’ It was around this time I discovered the work of Jason Christoff and self sabotaging and it was through his work I discovered that I was a big self sabotger, I ticked nearly every box. So I cleaned myself up, no more alcohol, no more pleasing people, no more junk food, drank more water and ate more watery foods, stood in my truth and my god I felt good! Three to four weeks passed, and it was purely by chance that I learnt about Quantum Healing through a google search. Then I was at a friend's family's property and a lady was needing clients to complete her study in QHHT. How good is the universe?

This session changed my life, I was able to listen to my body and what it was telling me. I forgave my mother, released some of my anger and I was able to get some clarity on how to get my life back in order. I felt alive again. Traumas and issues still arose in the house as I was still not sure how to deal with some of this. Fighting, arguing, you name it was occurring around me. I still did know how to calm myself down, react negatively through triggering. Through all of this pain and suffering I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel until one night in January 2022. During this time before my life changed, I drifted apart from my friends whom I was close to since our schooling days finished. I realised our views on the world were not the same. Once I became sober and healthy they did not. I realised all we had in common was sport, girls and getting drunk most weekends. This was a very sad time to realise this, but I know now they did not serve my best interests anymore and it was time to discover a set of new people who support me and are like minded. This was a tough process, mourning the loss of my old life and friends. It was a process that I had to go through.

January 31st 2022 my life changed forever, I was in what you would call ‘Theta’ brain state which is the state you are in pre sleep and post sleep. I had a sudden flow of goosebumps, previously in my sessions I learnt my grandfather can communicate with me through goosebumps. Simple yes or no questions is how I sometimes gain clarity on certain situations that arise throughout my life. Anyway, this particular night he came to me and said you need to leave your hometown, take your brother with you. This set us off on the most amazing journey of my entire life. Cruised up the East coast with my brother and a good friend of mine .. Through more healing, more synchronicities then you could ever imagine we learnt more information about family, life, health, growth everything there was good, bad, ugly and tears shed.

Then we came back home. We had to come home to appreciate the people and everything here. That’s what I thought my lesson was. Well no it was not, through all of my healing and growth the universe was telling me I was ready to come home to finally ‘show my mother love.’ I ignored this message, as I still was not quite sure. Then we had this amazing talk and I thanked for all she had taught me. I said this to her in these words, ‘Thank you for everything you have taught me, all the lessons. I love you for you, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. I forgive you for everything you have done to me. You have shaped the man I am today and for that I am grateful. I love you mum.’ This was the most powerful healing I could ever do. I cried, she cried. It was incredible.

Now I am able to write this and say I am ready, ready for anything and everything the universe throws my way and I would like to help people through the good, the bad and the ugly. I have gained a wealth of experience and an array of tools that I am ready to share with the world. So allow me to come on this healing journey with you because trust me I have lived through my fair share of trauma as you have just read. I would like to help you see that light at the end of the tunnel, the light of which is your light, a brighter, healthier, happier version of yourself is that light waiting for you at the end of that tunnel. Allow me the opportunity to help you get there. I look forward to working with you. Love and blessings.

Nathan Francis

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