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Are You Self-Sabotaging During the Festive Season?

The Silly Season…. It’s the time of year where people in our modern society destroy themselves and their innate human potential because it’s the “holidays.” So why not right? Every holiday or holiday season it is the same…Drinking alcohol and eating junk food as a way to relax and unwind after twelve months working a job you do not like…  It's a season full of Self - Sabotage.. Furthermore, healthy habits, healthy lifestyles and anything down the path of good health gets pissed down the drain…. Alcohol, binge eating, junk food, sugar, ‘treats’ become the norm…. 

The programming for this time of year is so obvious throughout the movies and tv shows, mainstream media and radio…. From some of the Christmas movies and Tv shows to the mainstream media sharing rubbish news stories and writing garbage articles all to program you to believe that this is what you do during this season… Given the way the Subconscious mind works it just wants to keep you safe… It’s the part of the brain that loves you and wants you to fit in… So of course you are going to be more inclined to destroy yourself during the holiday season because A) everyone else is and B) you have no conscious awareness of why you’re doing it..  All in the name of a ‘good time.’ To reiterate you can still enjoy this time of year and enjoy your holiday festive season without destroying yourself…. Furthermore, why wait until the New year to start being your best? Start now… 

This time of year for me was where my Self - Sabotage kicked into overdrive… I binged on junk food, over ate at Christmas lunch feeling sluggish and tired.. Very common symptoms of overeating… After most Christmas lunches I had to go have a nap… I binged on alcohol as well… Reflecting back, I used to start drinking between  9-10 AM Christmas morning… Why? Because of my family programming. … Furthermore, the subconscious counts repetition to which you will act this out… I acted this programming out for a long time because this was deemed familiar and safe inside my psyche as a child… This is what my family would do every year.. Therefore for me to fit in, blend in and go along to get along I just drank up because why not right? The period between Christmas and New Year I rested up and looked after myself before my biggest binge which would be to bring in the New Year…  I was in this cycle for a very long time until I was able to break free…

We live in an upside down world, people who don’t drink are always the ones who have to justify and defend their reasons as to why they don’t drink…. People who do just carry on and quite often don’t have to say a word as to why they do…. Crazy hey… 

You can turn your back on all of the societal programming around alcohol and junk food during this time of year. You can step out and be unique and different… You do not have to destroy yourself and your innate human potential because everyone is and it's ‘normal.’ You can drink water, eat healthy food and still have fun…. You did not come here to play it safe, fitting in to please others and remaining mediocre.. Additionally, it's not boring just like its portrayed on your screen… It's simply a matter of changing your programming and perception… Stand up, be bold, be brave and courageous…. Take back control of your health...

Work with me in 2024 and I can help you transform into superman or superwoman… The programming they use through your screens programs you to destroy yourself without your conscious awareness.. I have the same information and the same techniques to lead you up the ladder of success in your own life… It can be so quick and so simple!! 

Reach out anytime I am always here for you…

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are!

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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