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Are Your Habits Working For You Or Against You?

Updated: May 13

Ponder the title of this blog deeply and ask yourself the question. Perhaps you may want to journal this a little more deeply if you wish. If your habits are not working for you then perhaps you need to ask yourself why you drink, why you smoke/vape, why you constantly procrastinate, why you have the gym membership but never go, why you passively scroll your phone looking at meaningless things, why you sabotage good relationships, why you’re having constant negative thoughts and having loveless, meaningless casual sex…. The list goes on… Quite often there is fear involved and also subconscious programming that is preventing you.. You're functioning as designed, you are not broken… Your subconscious runs your life; it only wants what is safe for you and what was deemed safe for you... This usually stems back to childhood between the ages of 0-7 where you pick up all of your programming that runs your life today. This programming stems from the school system, parents, friends of friends, and TV as well to obey, comply and follow with the majority. If the majority are heading for the cliff you will go with them if you are not aware of your patterns.. If the majority are drinking alcohol down at the pub like your parents used to do, then that is what you will end up doing.. For example you may find yourself telling yourself you’re quitting porn or quitting junk but find yourself eating a tub of ice cream jacking it off to porn… Are you stressed, tired, lonely, sad and depressed? Then you will be drawn to these as a safety mechanism. Why? Because it is in all of the movies and Tv shows to suppress your pain, numb your feelings and eat, drink, sleep or fuck your emotions and pain away. Just remember for next time, it’s a program. It’s not you, it’s not who you are and it has nothing to do with your reality. These programs can be changed and shifted instantly with conscious awareness and replacing that program with something positive. This is where I come in. I can help you identify the root cause of these programmes and help you shift them into something better and allow you the opportunity to heal, learn, forgive, transform, evolve, love and grow. Reach out anytime I am always here for you.

Our body works like clockwork. Our subconscious acts out and does what is repetitively known. Like driving a car, you practise a lot with heaps of different things to remember then it becomes second nature, same as riding a bike. Habits are no different. If you consistently do habits that are good for you such as exercise, getting to bed on time, drinking more water, journaling, stretching, meditating, getting out in nature etc all of this becomes second nature and it rewires your patterns. This takes time. It also takes resilience, discipline and patience with yourself. It is important not to beat up on yourself if you go back. It is okay. But just be consciously aware and ask yourself why you’re reverting back to this… You’ll get the answer, trust me.

I have completely transformed my daily and nightly habits. I make sure I meditate upon waking, which includes deep breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth slowly. I also use either a guided gratitude meditation or sound healing.. This helps me ensure I stay connected with my breath and my body. I exercise in the morning, either yoga, a walk, a bike ride, or a run, just something to move my body. I eat clean organic real whole food daily, Nuts, fruit, veggies, seeds, meat etc (eat in season as well). I drink clean filtered water with a pinch of celtic sea salt in it. Salt is good for you, natural salt, magnesium etc. The table salt is not. Of a night I journal. I ensure I find five things I have been grateful for throughout the day. Such as my friends, my family, my dog, roof over my head, food on the table, clean water etc... Before sleep, I ensure my pre bedtime routine consists of turning the lights off (this is good for sleep and your circadian rhythm), stretching, deep breathing, releasing the day and asking myself questions like how did I feel when this happened? How did this person I spoke to make me feel? How did I make them feel? Constant reflection and asking questions is good… We can’t improve if we aren’t asking ourselves questions. Always ask questions. I then make sure I listen to a hypnosis from Marisa Peer before sleep, this puts me in a very relaxed state. I often listen to her love and abundance recording, wealth and rid yourself of negative thoughts. Then right before sleep (if I am not already asleep) I say to myself I choose to let go of feelings such as anger, resentment, bitterness, frustration, sadness, worry, guilt, fear shame etc I feel the shift, and I mean I really feel it. Then I say I choose to welcome in… That could be feelings of health, wealth, love, abundance, freedom, peace etc… You will catch yourself saying this and just go with whatever comes out because it came up for you to shift and release.. If done correctly this is a very powerful exercise. Then I sleep. If you would like more tips like this and perhaps you would like to know more about your own self - sabotage and how to change your habits for the better, then please reach out. I offer a free zoom consultation... Let's have a chat..

If you wish to become a REAL King in your life (not a conditioned King) then work with me. I will show you how to break free and step out into the world with a purpose and motivation.. We will go deep into everything and I will provide a space for you to express it all and turn it into the greatest comeback story ever! It’s your story, let's write it together.   Free zoom consultation to begin the journey? Easy done. Contact me and let's go. 

If you are aged 19-35…. I am launching a BRAND NEW 7 Week program to help you break free and begin this journey.  CLICK HERE to learn more... If the 1:1 coaching is not what you’re seeking (at the moment) and you’re looking for something a little more generalised to start you off and also make some awesome connections in the process then this program is for you and here's why…. This 7 week program has everything. Guest speakers (TBA), resources, a tribe of people who are all climbing the mountain and so much more! Jump in, sign up and lets go! If you would like more information, reach out and I will answer any of your questions, queries or concerns! 

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Thank you for reading and as always reach out anytime I am always here for you.

Nathan Francis. Youth Self - Sabotage Coach.


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