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Breaking Free From 6 Distractions That Hinder Your Inner Healing Work

In modern society we have been programmed to avoid the hard day and the pain.. Distracting ourselves has become the norm.. We were meant to confront our hard day and our pain, understand it, and ultimately grow from it. However, the prevalence of distractions in our society has made it easier than ever to escape from our inner struggles. The constant bombardment of information and entertainment keeps us occupied, preventing us from truly delving into our own thoughts and emotions. We seek instant gratification and pleasure to numb ourselves from the discomfort that comes with facing our own darkness. It's a quick fix that provides temporary relief but does little to address the root causes of our pain. Avoiding our pain and darkness may seem like an appealing option in the short term, but in the long run, it only perpetuates a cycle of avoidance and stagnation. By refusing to confront our inner demons, we deny ourselves the opportunity for growth, healing, and self-discovery. It is through facing our pain that we can truly understand ourselves on a deeper level. It is through acknowledging our darkness that we can begin to shed light on it and transform it into something great, something wonderful and becoming the best version of you..

For me, I was very much similar to every young male out there in modern society today. I would use anything and everything to escape… From drugs and alcohol to porn and social media, I sought constant distractions to numb my emotions and escape from reality. I believed that by avoiding my inner demons, I could maintain a facade of happiness and success. But deep down, I knew that this self-sabotaging behavior was only prolonging my suffering. I would spend hours scrolling through porn videos, trying to find the perfect video to only spend a couple of minutes watching for a short term fix. The feelings would go away for a split second then boom! I would be left with feelings of depletion of energy, disappointment, sadness, hate and regret… . The virtual world became my safe haven, where I could pretend everything was okay, safe and secure… However, it provided temporary relief from the emptiness within, but it also fueled my demons and amplified my feelings of isolation and loneliness... Drugs and alcohol offered a temporary escape from the pain that plagued me. They provided a fleeting sense of euphoria, allowing me to forget about my troubles for a while. But as the effects wore off, reality would come crashing back with even greater force. The cycle of self-destruction continued as I desperately searched for the next high to distract myself from going within.. However, once I went within boy did my life change forever..

  1. Social Media

Social media is a huge distraction for not only young people but everyone in modern society. You can spend hours on end scrolling your phone through the various platforms and it is very easy to immerse yourself in the virtual world. This is not real, it is fake. This virtual world generates fake feel good emotions and gives you an unnatural hit of dopamine.

I used social media to withdraw and distract from my own pain and darkness. I would quite often look at the endless amount of beautiful women on Instagram which would then lead me straight to porn. This was a vicious cycle.

Read more about the Imapcts of Social Media Here:

2. Porn

Porn is the most viewed content on the Internet today. Furthermore this makes porn the ultimate distractions for young males.. It is here for a reason and it is also free for a reason.. Porn is not here for your entertainment. Sex is sacred, it was never meant to be a casual hookup which porn promotes. Porn is not real sex, porn is not real love.

As I have stated many times, porn was my number one distraction and the number one place where I would run away from myself, my pain and my darkness. I was always busting a nut to porn 1- 5 times a day, depleting myself of my vital life force energy. Reach out anytime.

3. TV

Television is a prevalent distraction for most of modern society, the Tv is a military weapon put here on purpose to distract you from going within and to keep you ‘entertained.’ Turn your back on the TV and all of the negative programming that comes with it and watch your life change.

Tv was another outlet for me. I would watch all of the teen sex shows/movies, and all of the Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, American Pie, etc adult child movies/TV shows... This was my programming to be the forever child and never taking the proper passage from child to adult. My life changed instantly for the better once I turned my back on the Tv.

Learn more about the TV here:

4. Video Games

This is a huge distraction for the teens of our society.. From Twitch, to Playstation, XBOX, VR you name it they are on it and heavily addicted to it. Circadian rhythms out of balance left, right and centre. Our teens are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually weak due to the prolonged use of video games.. This is all they know.

For me, I played all of the video games from FIFA, WWE, Call Of Duty and GTA. The more violent games I played, the more angry I became at those around me. Video games changed my personality instantly.. It was quite frightening.

5. Alcohol

The ultimate escape, the ultimate distraction straight to the bottle. If you ever want to run away and forget your troubles, your stresses and your demons crack open a bottle of alcohol.. Alcohol has been proven to lower your vibration and energy as its a toxic poison. Alcohol will never make it ‘all go away.’ Turn your back on it, become sober and start going within.

I used alcohol to socialise and fit in with those around me. I used it to numb reality and escape from myself and my life. I would quite often drink heavily when something dark was going on. Alcohol changed me instantly, I became a person whom I did not like for a very long time. I was very sexualised when drinking, always searching for my next hook up. I was never present with those around me.

6. Drugs

Drugs are very similar to that of alcohol.. They’re a temporary numbing of pain and also highly toxic as we all know. Drugs are a huge distraction and they were put here for a reason, same as the alcohol. People can become hooked quite easily and they can send your life into a spiral instantly.

For me, I would use drugs when something big was going down in my life. However, I did drugs on my overseas trip in 2019. I did drugs when the alcohol wasn’t numbing my pain and also if those around me were doing it. But, I only did them when I was going through some real dark, hard and rough times. The cyle wore me down in the end. Go within, turn your back on all distractions and watch your life change. Reach out anytime.

There are distractions all around us, they are designed to keep you from going within and dealing with all of your emotions, traumas, darkness and reclaiming your power. Stop running away and distracting yourself with pleasure. Sit with yourself, reach out and ask for help and watch your completely transform. I am always here for you. Progression not perfection.. Reach out anytime and let’s put you back on the path to greatness.

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth - Self Sabotage Mentor/Coach.

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