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Did You Know You Are Being Tricked Into Destroying Yourself Daily? Here’s How.

Amongst modern society the self abusive habits are completely rife and it is all being normalised through psychological programming. There are many forms of programming. However, the main source of the programming comes from the TV shows, movies, media and social media. Many mainstream media reports (which are lies) say ‘coffee is good for you’, ‘everything in moderation’, have 6 glasses of alcohol a week and you’ll be healthier’ on and on these go for you to believe and think ‘oh yeah drinking alcohol and coffee is keeping me healthy.’ Alcohol in any amount causes brain damage, coffee causes brain damage and limits brain function. What if I told you that you were being tricked, mind controlled if you will to voluntarily destroy yourself daily? If you don't believe me, you may want to watch the videos attached to this blog. See for yourself with your own eyes how this is orchestrated.

Please also check out this video for yourself. This is a news reporter's brain after one shot of coffee, imagine what 3-4 cups a day could do to you..

Here are 3 videos that prove you can be easily mind controlled and you don’t even know it. The people who rule you do and they have been doing this since you entered this realm. You are being tricked daily to destroy yourself and your potential. Take a look for yourself.

Max Major

Influencing the Influencers:

Derren Brown is a master at psychological manipulation here is one of many of his videos…

We do these habits for a variety of different reasons and it's not just coffee and alcohol. It is everything. It's the porn/onlyfans, it's the junk food/fast food, it's the smoking/vaping, its your tv, your phone, its negative thinking, its gambling, drugs, Wifi, 5G, microwaved food,video games, financial destruction the list goes on… Another form of programming stems back from childhood and what your parents did. From the ages of 0-7 you download most if not all of your programs which become how you live out your life. If your parents drank, smoked, fought, suppressed pain, were abusive, angry etc. Your subconsious records everything at 11 million pieces of information per second. Therefore, what you were exposed to (as stated above) as a child is deemed safe inside your subconscious... It is that very safety in which you seek out as you get older. You may find yourself doing things that your parents did, attracted to people like your parents, repeating the patterns etc. Your subconscious is working as designed and it is keeping you safe amongst this tribe. Another form of this deep programming is done through the TV as I stated before... Your TV screens are littered with adult children drinking, partying, smoking, doing drugs, and all acting as if they are having the time of our lives. This is being programmed into you so that you live on this perpetual cycle of never ending pleasure. Living out your worst life as if it is your best. You’re being programmed to live your life in self destruction mode and to numb, sedate and avoid facing yourself, your darkness, your demons and your pain. This is not you, it has nothing to do with your reality. It is time to step off that cycle now. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and go deep within yourself, ask yourself some deep questions. Also go deep within your inner dialogue and your thoughts and understand why you do the things you do and why you are the way you are. You are not broken. Trust me, you are just living life the way you have been programmed to. We can reprogram. Maybe you would like to lose some weight, become better, feel better, exercise more, maybe you would like to surround yourself with people who bring you up not tear you down or find a loving healthy relationship with yourself and another… Whatever it is, I can help nudge you there… We can help you face yourself and shift some limiting fears and beliefs together, for the benefit of you transforming yourself into the best and healthiest version of you. I transformed myself with the help of some amazing people to completely change my life for the better. I can help you the way I helped myself. The never ending cycle of perpetual pleasure will eventually catch up with you when you’re 20+ years down the road full of regret. You can change now. Any age and at any time. Baby steps, progression not perfection. Pick one habit you would like to break and go for it. Replace it with something better like exercise or meditation. Once you can overcome one bad habit it gets easier from there. Furthermore, if you find yourself going back do not beat up on yourself. Find the lesson, ask yourself why? Then go again. You will get there with time, resilience, patience and discipline. Reach out for help. I am always here for you… I can reprogram the same way they do but towards your best life instead.. I have a free zoom consultation on offer and many other programs… Take a look around for yourself. I look forward to nudging you back to being your best self and working with you. Thank you for your time reading this blog.

Nathan Francis Youth Self - Sabotage Coach.

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