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FBoy Programming That Is Destroying Males:

In today's society, our young males and males in general are under attack from a lot of different angles. Such as, heavily sexualised programming, food, porn, onlyfans, social media, tv/movies, alcohol, video games, distractions, procrastination, and music... This is a long list, but I think you get the point here. The focus for this blog is on the programming of males to be players or ‘fboys’ if you will. ‘Fboy’ is a term the modern youth use to describe a male whose primary intention is sleeping with multiple women, where they are only looking for one thing (sex) and talking to hundreds of girls either via text, snapchat, facebook etc. This ‘Fboy’ programming is deeply embedded inside the psyches of a lot of males today. It is completely rife, once you see this you simply cannot unsee it right? One way this is done is through our screens. For example, Joey in Friends, Charlie in Two and a Half Men, Barney in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ These characters were players, chasing women for sex… Another Tv show which specifically targets our youth is 'The Inbetweeners'. This Tv show is a Birttish Teen comedy series (plus two movies) which is all about a group of young boys and their sexual journey. There are four main characters. However, for this blog we will focus on Jay. Jay is creepy, sleazy, a player, chronic liar and very immature. Jay is also highly sexual and completely disrespects women. It comes across as funny, I used to think it was funny myself. Little did I know at the time that I was just like Jay myself.. This character is programming young males who watch this to be this type of person. I will put a video down the bottom in the resources which is "Jays Funniest Moments." You will gain a unique perspective on this character... Furthermore, in the movies you have ‘Stifler’ in American Pie and ‘Charlie’ in Good Luck Chuck… Again, these characters were highly driven by sex and only chased women for one thing. This is conditioning men to fear love and deep connection with a woman to only crave and use them for sex. Most of our young males in society from the ages of 16-26( and older) are running this exact program…

Another way this programming is done is through the music. There are a lot of songs out there about sleeping around, women are objects, sex objects and so on.. This has an effect on the listener's subconscious. Given our subconscious records 11 million pieces of information per second. If that programming is repetitively placed inside your psyche just as I have stated before then you will act this programming out. Your subconscious will deem this as ‘normal’ and ‘safe’. You will think you’re aware but you’re not. You’ll want to stop but you simply can’t.. It becomes an addictive cycle that you may not be able to break free from... This is all self sabotaging cycles.. Back on to the main focus, from the extent of this programming these males are then deemed in social circles amongst women as ‘fboys’ and players…We all know women talk a lot.. You hear them say things like ‘Oh they sleep around, they talk to hundreds of women, should see their snapchat list.’ They would even stare at you like they know exactly who you are and what you’re about.. Trust me they know. I used to hear these murmurs and get those looks regularly.… Why? Because I was programmed to be this type of male and this programming was slowly destroying me and I didn't even know it until....

As I have stated in previous blogs (links will be at the end) this hook - up culture, Fboy, and casual sex program was a deep program inside my own psyche. I thought for years that this was normal. I was often quite proud of my conquests and would often brag to anyone really who would listen. My family and friends thought it was a great joke…My bed was a revolving door, they didn’t know who they were meeting next etc… This cycle almost destroyed me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I craved love but I was also very scared of it. I didn’t believe I was worthy of love and having someone in my life who loved me back. I pushed nice women away and I only saw them as sexual objects where I only wanted and craved one thing. I would frequently fantasise about any woman I would see down the street or in the nightclub. This took over me psychologically. Moreover, through porn I would often fantasise about the women as well. My favourite porn star in a video for example would be whom I would fantasise about over and over again. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the extent of this programming. Sex was all I could think about, crave and want so I set out about going to get it from wherever and whomever I could. I also would talk to hundreds of women on many different social media and dating platforms. When the time came to meet a woman somewhere I was only getting to know them so I could sleep with them. I had a ‘fboy reputation around my hometown. I knew women spoke, I saw the looks and heard the whispers (as I said before). It was eating away at me for a long time, but I did nothing about it. I kept on seeking sex and doing my thing. I never had any female friends due to this.. I often wondered why I didn’t.. I was completely oblivious to the programming and why I was acting like this and the fear of love until I went deep inside my own behaviours and subconscious patterns where I was able to get to the root of this problem. It all began to make sense to me as to why I was doing this to myself. Everything started coming up from my traumas, my programming, my belief systems and blocks that were preventing me from A) loving myself enough deeply, B) loving someone else and C) allowing someone to love all of me. My lesson was self -worth and self - love. I thought I was broken, defeated, weak, hopeless and lost. With help from some truly amazing people who helped me go deep within myself and understand why I was doing this to myself and pushing love away. I was then able to consciously reprogram myself to stop watching porn, watching tv/movies, and changing my algorithm on social media so that I was not exposed to or tempted by anything. This also enabled me to stop chasing women for sex, and understand that they are humans as well with a soul.. Shifting my belief systems, my perspective and allowing myself to love and respect myself all played a part in overcoming my ‘fboy’ programming.. It was a long road but a road worth taking. I now have quite a few female friends in my life and I am grateful for it.

To any young males out there reading this just know that you can do this at any time. You have the power to change your habits, change your thoughts and your life. You can step off this casual sex and ‘fboy’ lifestyle and allow true real deep love in. All of this deep love exists inside of you. Seek help, remove the programs that are holding you back that keep you in this perpetual cycle of self destruction and rise up to becoming your true self, your authentic self. I can help you reclaim your power and your life. I offer free zoom consultations. Lets chat about all things you and begin your journey back to self. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading from wherever in the world you are. I am grateful for your support.

Nathan Francis - Youth Self Sabotage Coach.

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