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Here's How OnlyFans Is Destroying You:

In modern society today, it is quite alarming to see the amount of women (especially young women) and also men who have an onlyfans account… Onlyfans is a subscription based service where users make a profile and post raunchy, sexual, and often nude photos and videos of themselves and their friends. Most of the services on this platform from people are of XXX content. It is truly staggering to see the amount of young women who use this platform to sell this kind of content. People who follow these accounts pay a subscription to the user usually between $5 - $50… Furthermore, on top of that subscription users can put their content behind another paywall where their videos and photos can be individually sold. These range from an additional $5 - $100… Everyday people, pornstars, models, influencers, athletes etc are on there or have dabbled in it. They post their raunchy photos of themselves in lingerie, bikinis, sportswear etc to their followers on instagram which then drives the males to then pay for their subscription and see even raunchier, sometimes more XXX content.

Let's delve into the programming and how all of this is done… Onlyfans was launched in July 2016 according to Google. Eight years prior to the launch there was a movie called “Zac and Miri make a porno” (2008) Trailer link will be down at the bottom of this blog.. This movie was about a couple who were struggling financially to make ends meet and they decided to make pornography as a way to combat their struggles. Fast forward eight years later and what was launched worldwide? Onlyfans. Coincidence? Definitely no coincidence here. Take a look around on onlyfans and you will see making porn, selling nudes etc is the norm. Furthermore, this movie plus adding in sexual programming amongst radio, Tv, since the year 2000 has all contributed to making men deplete themselves of their vital life force energy and women being sex objects. Go and have a look for yourself, but don’t stay too long.

There is a vast majority of heavily sexualised men out there.. I will raise my hand and confidently say I was one of those men. This is due to the heavily sexualised programming we see in the TV, Movies and Music industry. There is sex everywhere here on Earth and it is most definitely the opposite to that of ‘love making or creation of love.’ These men pay hundreds and sometimes thousands for these subscriptions to their favourite women. Can this money be put to better use? Absolutely… Plus extras for the videos or images. This is a form of financial self - sabotage where these men are sabotaging themselves.. Where they may not be able to afford things like a website, investments, basic needs etc but they will keep their onlyfans subscription, plus the gambling, the drinking, the smoking etc it all adds up over time… The next form of sabotage is seeking instant gratification from an online virtual girlfriend instead of their partner or spouse. This has a ripple effect on the relationship between the masculine man and the feminine woman. The woman is not getting any attention for her man. Instead he spends his time paying, chatting and watching his onlyfans girlfriend. It keeps the man stuck in this perpetual sabotaging pleasure seeking cycle.. A true masculine man stands in his power, leads by example and builds/creates the life for his family as the provider. How can a man achieve all of this if he is A) paying his onlyfans girlfriend, B) jacking it off every night instead of making love to his partner (if he has one), C) distracted with pleasure all of the time. This is not how men were designed.. However, it’s not just the men.. It is women too. This works both ways if the woman is bonding with her loyal followers, her phone and her subscribers instead of with her man. This has all been done to us to dismantle the once sacred masculine man and the feminine woman and to completely destroy the family unit. Take a look at this video ( where the influencers are being influenced… This is precisely how you can be “mind controlled” or “programmed” if you will. This will explain how the hyper sexualisation has been orchestrated through the screen. You may think you’re aware, but you’re really not…

Women are not sexual objects. However, the heavily sexualised weak man will only perceive women as such. The strong masculine man will perceive women as the giver of life, the nurturer, the warrior and the beautiful feminine energy in which she vibrates from. This programming has affected women as well to a point where the only attention they get is from the men who pay for them to flaunt themselves and produce this content. The disconnect between women from their true feminine power is staggering once you pay attention. It is quite easy to see and you simply cannot unsee this. Furthermore, it is time for men and women to firstly break free from this spell of programming to then be able to learn the skill harnessing and transmutating their sexual energy and drop back into their masculinity and femininity.. If this is achieved the man will be building the life for his family which is his role as the provider and making love to his partner. The woman will not be selling herself online for a few bucks. The world can break free from this sexualisation programming to become better, but it starts with knowledge which is power and stop searching for instant gratification (this is both men and women) and limit distractions to start undoing the patterns which got them to this place. Proper healing and betterment amongst our society can be achieved, remembering who you are and how powerful you are is an excellent place to start.

For me I have stated many times in previous blogs and podcasts how heavily sexualised I was from a very young boy due to this programming and being exposed to porn at an early age. This took over me for a long time and it was quite the challenge to break free from. I sometimes find myself still going back to that place. However, I do not beat up on myself over it. Instead I ask myself why am I here? What is happening in my life that is drawing me here? Most of the time it is about my own self worth, self love and self respect. Or if I am feeling lonely and disconnected. This disconnection is usually from myself and my own path and needing those needs met… I have since found I can meet these needs within myself… I have also discovered that if I am scrolling on my phone for too long I will get bored and then I will start looking for something to substitute that boredom. I now often catch myself out and find myself saying, “I am more worthy, more powerful and more powerful than watching this video or viewing this image.” It is about becoming consciously aware of why you’re doing the things you do and how you feel in the moment. I was running a sub conscious program that if I ever felt sad, lonely, stressed, angry, guilty, etc that I would seek safety and comfort in watching porn. It was a deeply embedded safety mechanism program inside my psyche. I recognized it eventually after 14 years and have now begun to reprogram myself. My self - talk is one part that has helped shift this, just saying I am worthy, I am strong, I am powerful and I enough is allowing me to find alternative ways to seek that safety. For example, instead of watching porn and busting my nut. I will sit in a dark room and stretch, and I will talk to myself about what Is going on. I will meditate, workout, journal and do yoga. All of those habits are better than watching porn for a few short minutes. These habits shift that low feeling I have and also allow me to process my emotions. Replace the bad habit with a good habit. Always. Reaching out and asking for help is another way. Find someone who has been where you have, speak to them about it and get advice. Then take action and implement it. Surround yourself with people who help you achieve your goals and bring you up, not bring you down. People who support you if you slip back into old habits, people who will help you push further towards your dream life. It starts and ends with you overcoming this sexual programming and your overall self -sabotage. You can find the patience, resilience and discipline to do this.. How? By remembering how powerful, worthy and enough you are in the world. We are powerful beings who are having our energy siphoned through many distractions... Let's take back our power and energy to change ourselves and change the world.

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are. I am grateful for your support.

Nathan Francis. Youth Self - Sabotage Coach.

Zac & Miri Make Porno Trailer:

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