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How Fear Is Holding You Back From Everything You Desire:

Fear, what is it? By dictionary definition it is ‘an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of the threat of danger.’Another definition which sums it up beautifully is ‘An unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined’. In modern society today there is quite a lot of fear and most of it is put here through our screens. From the News, to movies, to Tv shows, to radio to social media I think you get the point. Given the way our subconscious minds work, all of these things we see through our screen can put us in any state of emotion.. The people ruling and controlling what we see will ramp up the fear in the news bulletins. This is done through stories such as murderers, new plagues, new illnesses, statistics etc… Furthermore, the news can put you (subconsciously) in a state of fear firstly by the colours of the screen which are usually red and blue. These are primary fear colours.. This is also why the sirens of the emergency services are flashing red and blue lights. Now, let's observe the last 3 years they put the whole world into a state of fear by controlling the narrative. You could simply walk outside your house and you didn’t see a virus around, but if you watched the screen then that's where this alleged virus existed. They controlled what you saw, what you heard, and how you felt to trigger the fear emotional response. Furthermore, they told you that 85% of people or more had the new medicine so that you would follow the herd, the majority, fit in, blend in to then go and take it yourself.. Why? Because they showed you that everyone else did it and they used phrases to put you in fear or trick you into it.. Phrases such as ‘for the greater good’, ‘be a hero’, ‘save lives’, 'save Grandma', 'staying apart keeps us together and ‘do it for the elderly.’ They also placed you in fear of losing your job if you didn’t take it… The subconscious mind looks for the most repetitive content that you will mirror, mimic and copy… Those phrases were lodged deep in your psyche and this is why you were tricked. These people that rule us do this all the time, and it's not just the lie of the last 3 years. They lie to you and say that coffee is good for you, junk food is okay in moderation, 6 glasses of alcohol a week is good for your health and that your tax goes to the roads…. On and on these bullshit lies go… They take all of your power away which in turns only enhances theirs. . Can you see how they tricked you through your subconscious pathway with fear being the primary emotional response? At the root of it all, they make you fear the one thing that you came here to do and that is die. The fear of death controlled almost the whole world. Crazy huh? If you knew that we exist beyond the physical body and that our souls live forever, you wouldn’t have been fearing death.. Furthermore, they shut off your ability to think rationally and critically because they know that if you’re in fear, you’ll do anything and I mean ANYTHING…

There is more to fear than just through the TV screens… Fear exists within you. Let me explain… Here are a few examples.. You could be fearing love, you could be fearing losing your job, fearing being better, fearing the sun, fearing what other people may say or think about you, fearing what you’re wearing, fearing how you look in public, fearing judgment from others etc.. These are things people fear every single day, but just imagine for a moment if you lived your life free from all fear.. Really ponder that… You would have the freedom to express yourself without judgement, you would attract the right partner for yourself, you would be more healthy, you would even be wealthier because you wouldn’t fear losing money (money would work for you) and most of all you would be living the life you want.. All of these things sound absolutely absurd to you don’t they? Just imagine if you lived your life free of fear, all of this and more is possible.. You can remove fear from your life but it takes courage, resilience, discipline, patience, morality, ethics and strength to go back to where all of the fear started for you to rid yourself of it. As I stated before, your fear of death is the root cause of all the other fears. If you did not fear death you wouldn’t fear being broke why? Because you would understand money is a material thing, yes it provides us all of the material things in life such as a car, a house, food etc but if you know you exist beyond the physical body the fear of everything is gone. You only fear losing money because if you lost all of your money you would lose your house, your food (which you can grow on your own), your livelihood, and you will be perceived and judged upon. Take a read of Robert Kiyosaki’s Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad, for some real financial education… (

The fear of that alone is why people remain stuck and disconnected from themselves working soulless, lifeless and meaningless jobs because if they don’t they’ll lose everything and die which is simply not true… We only fear these things because we fear death. You only feared a fake virus, the sun, the food, climate change or any other bullshit lie because you fear death.. Our subconscious mind is designed to seek safety; it only wants what is familiar and safe to you and if standing out and being different is not familiar and safe to you then you fear being different. This is because by design you will want to fit in with what everyone else is doing. The life you desire that's full of freedom, harmony, peace, love, tranquility, and abundance is all there for you but fear is holding you back. I can help you reprogram, shift the fear, and put you back on your path for greatness free from fear but as I said this work requires a lot of patience, kindness, resilience, discipline and strength. I can help you find it but at the end of the day it requires you to go away and do the work.. I’ll just open the door for you..

I was in fear just like you for most of my life from the womb until I was 26. Some of the fears included being judged, fear of a loving relationship, fear of being better, fear of standing out and being different, fear of being my true authentic self.. All of these fears controlled and shaped me for a very long time but it wasn’t until I faced them head on and worked out the root cause which was simply the fear of death. None of this mattered anymore and I was truly free to express my true, honest, unapologetically and authentic self free from fear. It took me a while to get to this point but I am truly grateful for reaching out and asking for help (another fear) that I was able to heal, learn, shift, evolve, love, grow and transform. Ponder these questions and either think about them or write down your responses.. Please take some time to journal, you deserve it… What are your fears? Are they holding you back? How often are you in fear? Do you know when you are in fear? Do you do things out of fear? If you have gone within and answered yes then can help you shift them and get to the root cause to allow you the freedom to live the life you desire. I offer free zoom consultations and I have tons of programs to put you back on the path… I look forward to working with you.. Jump on my services tab or homepage and take a browse. If you like what you see or want to know please email me or message me on any of my social media platforms. I am always here for you. Thank you for reading.

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Enjoy the videos below and learn more about fear:

Dr Bruce Lipton - Fear & Deception:

What Is Fear? Dr John Demartini:

Here are some resources you may find useful that describe the lie of the last 3 years:

Dr. Jane Ruby reports shocking injuries to large numbers of young children from the experimental injections.

A nurse from Australia speaks up about what she has seen in this short clip.

This video is a bit older, but even back in December 8th, 2020 many Doctors were warning about this.

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