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How Social Media Influences The Beliefs & Culture Amongst Todays’ Society #2: Facebook & Instagram.

Updated: Feb 10

A vast majority of people on the planet have Facebook and Instagram (Meta) profiles . Very few are aware of how Meta can shape the influences, the beliefs and culture not only amongst youth but the whole world. There are many ways this is done from those who truly rule us behind the curtain or veil if you will. Read on from here and I will provide you with exactly how Meta is just another distraction from reality.

One strikingly obvious way Facebook and Instagram influence our youth and the vast majority of people is by the female influencers in their bikinis, lingerie and very little clothing, and for the males in their underwear, shirts off showing their chiseled abdominal region as this is how we all should look. Furthermore, there are editing features for males and females that allow them to be skinny or chiseled with abs. The reality of this is as the old saying goes it purely doesn’t matter how you look on the outside it is what’s on the inside that counts. Furthermore, the most attractive features in the human body are your heart and soul. Being an authentic human is very attractive. The fake meta with skimpy bikinis and men in underwear is not. Simple as that.

The people who rule us who are deemed as ‘they’ are the real puppet masters behind the curtain or veil if you will. Who we see on our screens as ‘leaders’ or ‘misleaders’ are puppets on a very long string. They are responsible for the mass censorship of real information over the last 40 - 50 years. They control social media, they do want the truth getting out amongst the population of the world. The real information is often blocked or flagged as ‘missing context’ or flagged as ‘misinformation.’ They even blocked a U.S president's account during the last few years so no one is exempt. We live in a virtual society where so many people are hooked into virtual reality and can’t see anything that is happening in the real physical reality.

Quite often people live their lives through social media scrolling for countless hours a day and repeat. It is such a huge distraction from reality. You see these people hooked on their phones and/or their devices inside. Furthermore, we see people so addicted to this virtual reality that they can’t even drive a car without checking it. People need to be outside communicating with each other physically. Furthermore, fresh air and sunshine is what the human body craves not behind a screen inside for countless hours. We are not designed for this. It is time we see and understand our reality. We are powerful beings once we realise that the outside world is a truly an amazing place.

Here's a guide to step back into reality: Limit the use of social media a day, you do not need to waste time scrolling. Have fun, laugh, enjoy the sunshine, the moment, the meal, the drink, the ocean, nature, etc go and build that dream you had. Go and read that book you want to read. Go and see that friend you haven’t seen for a while. You will feel so much better doing these things and so much more, without the need to be scrolling. We are powerful beings, check out the rest of my website. I can help you understand you are worthy and you are enough in this life. I will help you step back into your power and provide you with all the tools you need to be anything you want to be.

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