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How Social Media Influences The Beliefs & Culture Amongst Todays’ Society #3: Tiktok

Updated: Feb 10

Quite a substantial amount of young people use the social media app ‘Tiktok.’ It is quite popular amongst the teens and young adults in society today. The app is a video recording tool where you can watch and upload videos too. All your instagram influencers you will find have a Tiktok account as well promoting all their ‘stuff’ that people do not need. With that said, this app I believe is the worst of the lot. If you want to waste time all day every day, then by all means download this app. It is guaranteed to drive you away from living your best life and drive you further and further away from reality. Read on, (just like that really bad info ad) there’s more.

Ask any young person who is addicted to their screen what app they use most. They will tell you it is Tiktok. You can quite clearly see how addictive this can become. Watching meaningless videos all day is a fantastic way to waste time from doing what you really want or should be doing or to escape whatever is going on in your life. These apps are designed exactly for this, we are more powerful than wasting time watching meaningless videos. Oh yeah you guessed correctly there’s more.

We see through these talent shows such as America's Got Talent, Masterchef etc that they have a Tiktok influencer and that is how they got their start. Furthermore, it is to promote and program everyone to get their start on Tiktok because as we all know in reality only very few go on to become ‘famous.’ I’ll save how and why that happens for another blog.

This app will literally drive you to live out your worst life, it’ll make you addicted just like drugs, alcohol, coffee, sugar, gambling and smoking do. This app will program you to think, say, believe anything they want you to believe. Quite literally changing your belief systems without you even realising it. Unless you have your online business set up there then to be honest you do not need to be wasting all day every day on this app. Let go of all your ‘comforts’ in life. It is time humanity becomes uncomfortable on our terms or else let me assure you it will be done by our misleaders. It is very simple, stop distracting yourself from reality, face your ‘dark knight of the soul,’ heal, focus on yourself, your goals, your dreams and go for it. If you’re unsure or stuck, get in contact with me and we will reprogram you to live out your best life free from all things toxic such as Tiktok.

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