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How Social Media Influences The Beliefs & Culture Amongst Todays’ Youth #1: Dangers of Snapchat.

Updated: Feb 10

Everyone between the ages of 13 - 25 has a snapchat account. Snapchat is a form of social media that can be downloaded on your phone and/or tablet. People send photos to one another usually of themselves, these photos can be timed to be deleted (max 10 seconds) or they can be deleted once the other person taps out of the photo. This app comes with quite a substantial amount of dangers attached to it that people are genuinely unaware of. Furthermore, snapchat influences the culture and beliefs of our youth today. Through the array of filters changing man to woman and vice versa, from all the programs such as ‘stand with Ukraine’ and ‘lets get vaccinated’ the subconscious mind of a teenager just wants to fit in and find their place. So of course they are going to use these filters because why not? Everyone else is. It is a program that can be easily broken free from. Once you become aware of how this application can become addictive and a huge distraction.

The snapchat application can be quite a distraction as well for our youth today. They could spend countless hours on their phone snapchatting friends from their bedroom. This can become quite addictive. Could they be utilising their time better? Maybe go back to the days before phones and actually see their friends outside in fresh air and sunlight perhaps. These youths have been conditioned heavily with technology and apps to stay in their rooms on their phones. Furthermore, our youth are unaware that isolating yourself to your room for hours on end can actually do more harm than good, even though they are talking to friends. Just from not being out in the sun, can cause an array of mental health problems. I believe this is a big problem amongst our youth in todays’ society. This is exactly what the people who are behind this want. ‘They’ want a society, especially youth, easily traceable, dumbed down, depressed, sad and isolated. ALL of us are more powerful than this and it is time we realise how powerful we really are. The dangers of the app are endless as you are about to read.

However, it is not just that age bracket most people of any age and in particular some children have access to Snapchat. With this app which has many features one being; ‘Snap Map’ where this allows you to see where your friends are the last time they opened snapchat. Let’s say for instance this was your child, are you aware that this allows anyone to track where your children are? We know paedophiles are out there so it is quite easy for them to prey on innocent young children through this apps feature. We hear and see the stories all the time. Ponder these questions for a minute. Do you know where your photos end up once they are ‘seen’ by your friends? Do you believe they are actually deleted and not stored anywhere? Who knows the real answer, but I don’t believe for one second that your photos are deleted. I believe they are stored somewhere in the ‘cloud’ which is run by Artificial Intelligence aka AI. Which in turn is a massive invasion of privacy. This is what this whole system is designed to do, track and trace. This is just another way ‘they’ do this. Maybe next time some of our older youth will think twice next time they send a raunchy photo to the opposite sex or their partners. Some of our youth need to consider why they are using the application.

Ask yourself or journal these questions. Ensure you are truthful and honest. Are your reasons for using this application beneficial for you? Are you distracting yourself from something? Are you running away from something? If you have answered yes. Then it is time for you to face what you need to face in your life and ensure you are not wasting time on snapchat. These applications are a fantastic distraction and time wasting tool.

I found myself using snapchat over the years to impress the opposite sex as most of our youth are doing today. However, I found that I was distracting myself from what I needed to face in my personal life. In todays’ society there are distractions everywhere and I ensured I distracted myself every way I could when I was dealing with my issues (if you read my ‘about me’ blog you will find out some of my issues I was wrestling with.) Once you heal and face what you need to face in your life you will soon see why you were pleasuring yourself, why you were distracting yourself and you will realise that maybe your intentions were not the best for you. Upon reflection through the many ways you will begin to see and understand yourself for who you truly are. (Get in contact with me and I will show you what worked for me.) The solutions are endless, drop me an email and let's get your journey back to your power and light started.

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