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How the TV can influence YOU:

Updated: Feb 9

A television (tell - lie - vision) programme, why is it called a ‘programme’? Could ‘they’ potentially use the TV to programme you? Yes ‘they’ are, that is the primary reason for a TV ‘programme.’ The saying goes, what is on the TV at night is on the streets the next day. The movie gone in sixty Seconds starring Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage was a movie about car theft. After opening night car theft went up 60% in the USA and Canada. Clearly the correlation between this movie and car theft had the power to program people to go out and steal cars. Now ponder this, our subconscious minds are designed to seek safety amongst the bigger tribe or herd if you will. Those who rule us know this, through fear of a virus, fear of literally anything they can program to live this out. Lets look at the last few years for example, the absolute stupidity of all these outrageous ‘rules’ and masking of people for our health would not have been done if it were not for the TV and through triggering an emotional fear response. Our misleaders all wore Blue and Red, ties or suits, even in the background of the press conferences. These colours are fear colours, yes the emergency services have blue and red sirens to trigger an emotional response from us. All of this is designed to trigger an emotional response.

TV can influence all sorts of life destroying behaviours… Take a look at soap operas for example. What are they based on? Lying, cheating and stealing.. What's absolutely rife amongst families and such today? Yep you guessed it, lying, cheating and strealing. ‘They’ normalise this behviour to destroy the family unit and what it means to be human through the TV. Furthermore, take a look at our movie screens where they normalise drunken stupidity and normalising adults acting like perpetual children through movies such as ‘Bad Grandpa’ this is not the way people conduct themselves. Can you see how this is done and normalised yet? Programming you to live as an adult child getting drunk every weekend, sipping your coffee, eating junk food an insect would die from eating it.

Now that you’re aware, next time you watch the TV, or a news story, hear a podcast or a song, take note of how it makes you feel inside. If there is emotion attached such as anger, or frustration that's triggering an emotional negative response. We are powerful, we are better than this. We are all here right now for a reason and it is time for us to remember who we really are. Allow me to help guide you and educate you back into who you really are through my programs. ‘They’ brainwash us and program us to live out our worst lives as you have just read, well how about you allow me to brainwash you and reprogram you the same way but to live out your best life… How does that sound? Reach out anytime, I offer a free zoom session to get acquainted. Lets start your journey into remembering who you are and most importantly self - love. I cannot wait to work with you.

Click Here to come work with me beginning on March 17th for 9 Weeks in the Breaking Free Teen Group Coaching Program. A self - help program designed for the teens of today. We tackle all self sabotaging habits and I will show the teens just how powerful they really are.. There will be tons of engaging activities and some very entertaining videos where I will show them how powerful the subconscious part of the mind really is. Reach out to me anytime, I am always here for you. Please Email me and I will send you the free overview of the 9 week program personally. See you all on opening day!! 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are! 

Nathan Francis: Youth Self Sabotage Coach/Mentor.

This is how it is done… Watch these videos to see for yourself how ‘they’ do it.

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