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How To Step Into Your Potential:

Updated: Mar 3

In modern society people have been conditioned to avoid stepping into their potential and rising up. Furthermore, people would rather coast through life suppressing pain, avoiding pain, running away from pain, sitting on the couch binge watching netflix, scrolling the phone, jacking it off to porn, eating garbage food, drinking alcohol/coffee, smoking/vaping and gambling.. This lifestyle is a program and this programming has been done through the TV, Movies, News , Social Media and anything ‘mainstream.’ Here's an example. Most TV shows and movies have adult children in them who never grow up where they fail to take the leap from child to adult. Joey in Friends, Charlie in Two & A Half Men, Stifler in American Pie, all Adam Sandler movies, Kim in Kath & Kim and Haley in Modern Family. There are many more examples of this programming. These are beloved characters on our screens and given the way our subconscious mind works we mirror, mimic and copy the most repetitive programming that we are exposed to. For example, this is why you drink alcohol and can’t stop, why you sleep around, why you buy a gym membership and never go, why you smoke/vape and why you watch porn every night blowing all over your sheets/socks and/or tissues… This programming is also in the news from bogus studies stating that "five glasses of wine can make you healthy" and "drinking beers boosts testosterone." It's all bullshit. Alcohol is a poison and it destroys you, your brain and your potential. It's also been proven that alcohol in any amount causes brain damage. Check out these videos which explains this in great detail..

Also this video from Dr. Andrew Huberman..

If you are repeatedly exposed to this forever child program or any program and staying stuck where you are and never reaching your potential then you are more inclined to act out the particular programming as your safety and comfort in fitting in with the bigger group. The most exciting thing here is you are able to break free from this programming by turning your back on the screen and removing negative influences in your life where you can then begin filling your mind with repetitive programming towards stepping up into your potential and best self. Here's how I did it.

As I have stated in previous blogs and podcasts, my repetitive programming was driving me down the gutter of misery and pain. I had the programs of staying a forever child, being a F*ck boy/player, never believing and/or trusting in myself to achieve something great and the program of not being enough. These were deeply embedded programs inside my psyche. You can begin to out-rep the negative influences in your life by replacing them with something positive. You may not get results overnight. However, you will over time through patience, resilience and discipline. Thinking of it like going to the gym. The more reps you do over time the stronger your muscles become. This same analogy applies to your mind. For me, I began to out-rep the negative influences in my life which involved a range of things such as cutting people out of my life, switching off the tv, and quitting destroying myself and my potential through alcohol, casual sex and porn. I replaced these negative influences by surrounding myself with people who were striving to become the best version of themselves, by watching/listening to inspiring, motivational and empowering content, reading books and studying the mind and how it works, listening to hypnosis before sleep, stretching, going to the gym, taking control of my health and nourishing my body and filling my wall, laptop and phone with affirmations that I say to myself daily to remind myself of how powerful, beautiful, strong, worthy and amazing I am. Over the course of the last twelve months I have seen drastic improvement in all areas of my life because I have begun to out-rep those negative influences. I have never felt more alive, vibrant and happy...

The beauty of this is you can do this too. I can teach you and show you where your programming stems from. I teach you how your mind works and how we can best reprogram it for success, health, love, abundance, wealth, peace, happiness, harmony and joy. I guide you back to your childhood to begin your forgiveness process and shed the baggage of stuck emotions and the pain you have been carrying for far too long that no longer serves you. I also share with you my experiences and my pain and how I let it all go. You are able to learn from me so that you don't make the same mistakes I did. This all gives you the shot of a lifetime towards your dreams, goals, visions and aspirations. If you’re reading this, by simply asking for help either from me or someone who has been where you have can propel your life forward rapidly. There is more to life than running away, sedating yourself, working 9-5, treating your body like a garbage bin, and hitting repeat day in and day out. Life is about excitement, adventure and connection.. I would be honoured to become your second head cheerleader (you’re first) and help you find your way again and become healthy, wealthy, strong and wise. The way out is right here. It starts and ends with you. You have the power, you always have. Remember that.

I have put together a group coaching Teen Self - Help program based on  my experiences and journey as a person and as a Teacher inside the system. I have a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. Furthermore, Our Teens need this.… The program is surface level, to allow the students to dip their toes into their journey of self discovery setting them up for success and independence. 

Click Here to come work with me beginning on March 17th for 9 Weeks in the Breaking Free Teen Group Coaching Program. A self - help program designed for the teens of today. We tackle all self sabotaging habits and I will show the teens just how powerful they really are.. There will be tons of engaging activities and some very entertaining videos where I will show them how powerful the subconscious part of the mind really is. Reach out to me anytime, I am always here for you. Please Email me and I will send you the free overview of the 9 week program personally. See you all on opening day!! 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are! 

I look forward to chatting with you over zoom for free.

Nathan Francis: Youth - Self Sabotage Mentor/Coach.

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