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Impact Of Technology On Our Youth

Our modern society has become reliant on technology… It is everywhere from phones, watches, computers, gaming consoles, Virtual Reality (VR) and Tv’s and so much more… Our children are growing up with a vast array of devices in their hands and it’s super addictive…. Children are staying up to all hours of the night on technology and it’s becoming a struggle to get tech off them. When I was growing up computers were only just starting to make an impact. Phones were literally a brick that weren't able to do any of the things smartphones can do now in our our modern times.. Our youth are always looking down on their phones which causes all sorts of posture and neck problems… This is what is going on right in our streets…  Alarmingly, babies are using tech which as we know given how the Subconscious mind works, later in life that person will become addicted or it will become a habit to be on technology… Ponder these questions today: What if all technology switched off? How would you cope? Are you reliant on technology in your own life? 

The technological society has had quite the impact on our youth of today.​​ Furthermore, there seems to be more youth inside than ever before… Gone are the days of playing outside until sunset and being home for dinner. Now it is computer games with microphones and mobile phones to communicate with friends.​ The detrimental impacts are endless, however I would like to focus on life skills. One important life skill that is impacted is the ability to make eye contact and social skills. Our youth when speaking do not look people in the eye, they are shy, anxious and nervous… In past times and in past cultures eye contact was a sign of respect… What has happened? Why is that? I believe technology has impacted this. It is easier to communicate with the people through a screen rather than face to face contact. This produces a shy young person out there in the world… The domino effect of this is huge where our youth are unable to tie knots in ropes or change a tyre or read an analogue clock.. Yes, there are children out there that cannot read an analogue clock…. Where are we heading? Click here to read my blog on Life Skills. It is quite sad to see this but we can turn this around and it starts with us… Here's how. 

By becoming better role models for our youth and taking the time to show them these skills which aren’t taught in our mainstream school system, we can empower our youth and equip them with the skills and values required to achieve great things in the world. However, if we are not equipped ourselves how can we show the way? We must lead by example and become the best versions of ourselves to give our youth something better to mirror, mimic and copy. It starts with technology and our relationship with it... If we can reduce our technology time and our relationship with it, creates a ripple effect for our youth. By simply becoming  less reliant on technology, write things down on paper instead of using your phone, pay cash, learn new skills to pass on to our youth, tell stories, turn the Tv off, turn your phones off, read books, create, paint, draw, dance, sing… The more people stepping into this, the more our youth will join in… Be the change we wish to see in the world! 

I have put together a group coaching Teen Self - Help program based on  my experiences and journey as a person and as a Teacher inside the system. I have a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. Furthermore, Our Teens need this.… The program is surface level, to allow the students to dip their toes into their journey of self discovery setting them up for success and independence. 

Click Here to come work with me beginning on March 17th for 9 Weeks in the Breaking Free Teen Group Coaching Program. A self - help program designed for the teens of today. We tackle all self sabotaging habits and I will show the teens just how powerful they really are.. There will be tons of engaging activities and some very entertaining videos where I will show them how powerful the subconscious part of the mind really is. Reach out to me anytime, I am always here for you. Please Email me and I will send you the free overview of the 9 week program personally. See you all on opening day!! 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are! 

Nathan Francis: Youth Self Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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