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Impacts negativity & negative thoughts can have on you:

Look around society today and we are literally drowned in negativity from our media and social media. Furthermore, we can also pick up on negativity from other people, people you live with, family and friends.

Our thoughts (if they are negative) will attract all forms of negativity into your life from people, to work life, homelife to name a few. Consciously changing your thoughts from negative to positive will work but nothing will happen, those people will still be there and the negativity will still be playing out. Subconscious reprogramming is what is needed in order to turn your life around. This can be done through Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), Marisa Peer and Mind valley have unreal therapies you can listen to before bed where she puts you in the THETA state. THETA state is the state of brain function you are in just before sleep and when you wake up in the morning. The THETA state directly alters your subconscious which makes for the ideal time to reprogram. Persistence is key here, don’t just listen once and expect your life to change. This takes time, give it a few weeks/months and you will see some changes. Stick at it.

I was a very negative person direct from my parents, changing my thoughts, behaviors and beliefs was a tough process. Being around all the negativity was hard, turning off my tv, surrounding myself with like minded and positive people helped me transition. Furthermore, covering my room with affirmations helps my subconscious make the transition. In addition, I had to go within to learn how to love and trust myself enough to keep going. It is a battle I fight everyday with my mind, I will get there one day. Through writing/journaling, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean and the RTT all work to help me stay positive consciously and most importantly subconsciously.

Watch positive people who are successful, read uplifting books, educational books, listen to podcasts, and good uplifting music. Turn off the TV, have a laugh, sing, dance, do what makes you happy and watch your life and the people in it change. Our life is what we make it and think it. Dream big.

If you need help with all of this negativity and would like some positivity. Reach out to me anytime. Let's get you started.

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