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Influence Of the Influencers/Celebrities/Athletes On Today's Youth: The Need To Fit In.

Updated: Feb 10

We see amongst the youth in modern society being heavily under the influence of the ‘influencers.’ Social media influencers make money from their brand partnerships, followers, likes, comments etc. Their primary role is to shape today's youth and take away their authenticness. By this I mean, take a look at an influencers post on instagram, you either see A) bikini shot for the girls promoting the way they should look to gain attention and attention from the opposite sex. B) chiseled abs, muscle mass for the boys, as this is a way to look to get all the ‘girls’ and the attention that comes with it. c) They promote the latest toy, drink, food, health super kick, clothes etc the list is endless. Thus, ensures today's youth must have this in their lives or they must look like this to be considered beautiful and/or successful. Celebrities, athletes, etc all promote this as well. We see it all the time, this is the way you should dress because it is todays ‘fashion’ or it is because my favourite singer has it or wears it therefore I must wear it.

There already is enough programmed pressure on today's youth for the need to fit in and what is deemed ‘cool’ by their peers. All of this is designed to steer the youth away from being authentic to oneself. Ponder this for a minute, are you trying to ‘fit in’ and be ‘cool’ by pretending to be someone you’re not? Are you afraid of expressing your likes/dislikes and beliefs because your friendship group may not accept you? You do not have to be afraid of being who you are. Trust me, doing this now is a lot easier than doing it down the road when your body is in pain, agony and stress to name a few. Furthermore this is your body telling you to stop hiding who you are and just be you. On the flip side, you will carry this constant need to fit in and please everyone for life. You will be astonished at the amount of people who drop off (which can be quite sad) but you will be equally as astonished at the people who will come in and accept you and love you for you and everything in between.

You do not have to copy the latest trend, drink the new ‘in’ drink, eat the latest ‘health food super food’ which we all know maggots shouldn’t even consume unless it's organic just because everyone else is. Just ask today's youth and the majority will tell you straight up they are aware of what and why they’re doing something, why they’re wearing something or behaving in a certain way which is simple it's because everyone else is doing it or their favoruite celebrity said it was cool. They are so far apart from their authenticness.

Personally, I found I was very much like this growing up as well. To be honest, we all are on some level. Anyway, once I recognised why I was doing something such as drinking alcohol, mimicking someone else, watching TV, eating junk food etc or even doing something I did not necessarily like or enjoy doing it was usually because everyone else was and I was just trying to fit in. I stood back and realised I did not even enjoy some of those things but I only did those things because everyone else was doing it. However, once I stopped people dropped off they did not serve me anymore. This process was quite tough, I found I just did not have much in common with my lifelong friends anymore. I took pleasure and great comfort in doing things that were different to what they do and that is completely okay. The universe works in mysterious ways in that new people will come in when you least expect it and they will love and accept all of you for you. Words simply can't describe how amazing it is when you find your true 'soul tribe.' Take a risk, be who you want to be and shine so bright. People will drop off, and come in. Good luck.

Solution? Behave the way YOU want to behave, wear what YOU want to wear, say what YOU want to say, look the way YOU want to look, feel the way YOU want to feel and trust me you will be better off for it then the alternative being old, grumpy, in pain and agony and full of regret. Do not let anyone or anything influence you, influence and trust yourself. It is the best way for you.

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