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Lesson In Everything.

I was Driving home from work (25/10/2022) and I lost concentration for a split second. That split second of lost awareness was enough for me to hit another car from behind… I froze instantly, probably shock kicking in. Something came over me which is quite hard to explain. This wasn’t ‘normal’ for me.. Although, physically I am all sweet thank goodness, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually I was not okay.. I felt sick inside, guilt ridden, and awful about what had just occurred. I have never made a mistake quite like this in my life before or just lost concentration on the road and upon reflection it was quite evident that like everything in life… It happens for a reason. This accident certainly did. Since releasing my podcast, and really amping up my content I have been on the go. Running on adrenaline, wanting to make things happen and get as much content out there as possible as it's my passion and my mission if you will. I am driven to make a difference… However, in life you need to slow down and go with the flow and to allow things to organically and naturally happen. By this I mean, giving up control of everything and allowing the universe to divinely guide you to where you need to go. This has been by far my biggest lesson on this journey, I have always wanted to be in control, in the drivers seat.. I have had to relinquish that control which has been very hard for me since I was a child... That particular night for me, was a massive wake up call, a lesson to not rush, take time and baby steps and allow the flow of the universe to guide me on this incredible journey.

To anyone out there reading this, things in life don’t just happen by chance or good luck as they say… Everything happens for a reason including accidents and in that there is always a message. Other forms of this are your pain, your sickness, your disease, your thoughts, your outlook on life, the way you view yourself in the mirror… Upon reflection and deep inner self work that message can always be received so you can improve, forgive, learn, love, heal and grow. Moreover, it is simply more evolutionary work than anything else. Sometimes to fully learn a lesson that the universe is trying to tell you accidents happen and at times they are not as lucky as this was for me.

This experience has taught me the art of enjoying the moment, the present moment, things in my life that are mapped out for me will happen all in divine timing. I do not need to chase this, make this happen or become infatuated over it. Enjoy the present moment, I am right where I need to be exactly in this moment. Enjoy it and relish in it.

Reach out if you are ever stuck, I am living through this emotional roller coaster that is the human experience on Earth.. I am still navigating my way through with plenty of ups and downs. I can help you on this journey back to self - discovery and self - love. It is quite the journey but it is the best journey you will ever embark on. Always stay true to yourself and you will be okay. I look forward to hearing from you.

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