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Life skills: Where are they?

What were essential skills not only for life, but for survival seem to be a forgotten skill and more importantly a forgotten taught skill amongst people in modern society. It truly astounds me everytime I walk into modern schools and observe the amount of children who do not know how to tie their own shoe laces. How would these children survive on their own if needed? Simple answer: no they wouldn’t. There are even grown adults who don’t know how to tie a knot in a rope, build a shelter, search for water, make a fire etc all essential life skills that are forgotten.

These days some of it is taught in outdoor education which is great. But these skills are essential and should be essential in the curriculum. Which it is not. Why? You are pondering now. Well it’s just something else ‘they’ have done to ensure humanity is useless, powerless, weak, depressed, caffeinated, angry, hurt, in pain, full of hate and so on.

It is time to get back in touch with your survival skills and start learning, youtube has plenty of videos of demonstrations to get you started. Our current and future children are in big trouble if we don’t, the children coming through at the moment are more worried about their screen then they are about basic human survival. I go by the saying ‘we leave this planet better than we found it.’ Reflect back on that and could you definitely say you have left this planet better than you found it? Short answer is no, look at the world as it is.. We are better and far more powerful and part of regaining this power is to get back in touch with your basic survival skills.

We show the way for our children, and I feel as though the vast majority have shown the children how to drown in pain and be useless at functioning as a human being. We turn this around, and the power is back with us.

Reach out to me anytime and learn how I can help you step into your power through your subconscious mind pathway. ‘They’ brainwash us to live out our worst lives, I’ll brainwash you to live out your best. How does that sound? Free zoom session to get you started on your journey. I look forward to working with you.

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