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My Story: When Hitting Rock Bottom Leads To Success.

Saturday 25th of September 2021….. This day will forever be the day that I quit alcohol forever. The day where I had my last binge on alcohol, chasing women and drugs.. This was my final night of behaving the way I was. My final night of treating women poorly and being disrespectful.. This was my final night of being that version of me. This night marks my final ‘rock bottom’ moment. Upon this moment, the message was loud and clear. It was finally time “to grow up Nathan”. 

Allow me to take you back to this night and paint you a picture of what was about to transpire. The AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final was on that evening. My cousin had a gathering at his place… I remember receiving the invite to the gathering, I pondered for a long time about whether or not to go.. I had my dinner and thought 'stuff it' I'm going... Once I arrived I found that I was the oldest person there by 3-5 years… As the night went on and the alcohol began to flow (amongst other substances) my persona, my demeanour changed.... I suddenly had this careless, obnoxious, arrogant attitude or persona come over me if you will. I began saying things I wouldn’t normally say.. Behaving in a way that wasn’t me at heart…  This is the precise effect drugs and alcohol can have on you... Fast forward, it is now early morning (4-5AM) and some women came around and I vividly remember this… Let me reiterate, it doesn’t matter how drunk or how high you are, if you are supposed to remember something you will… This is how your Sub - Conscious mind operates.... Anyway, I am sitting on a plastic fold out table talking to these three young girls.. I'm 26, and they would have been19-21 years old maximum. In truth, I was attempting to pick them up… Furthermore, I was not well physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually due to the substances in my system… Anyway, as I was talking the table I was sitting on suddenly gave out and I fell straight through it... Hitting the ground hard. This moment of hitting the ground was my ‘rock bottom’ literally and figuratively. I remember my cousin picking me up off the ground and walking me to bed.. I had truly once and for all had enough to drink… The message that came through my inner dialogue upon reflection was simple, loud and clear... ‘Grow up Nathan.’ It was time to embark on the journey towards something better, a new cleaner, healthier and stronger version of myself... This moment was the catalyst to begin my healing journey deep within...

Upon reflection, that moment of hitting that ground sent a huge ripple effect throughout my body, mind, soul and spirit. That version of me was over, it was done…  Hitting that ground made me realise that. It set off a massive chain of events over the course of the next 2 - 3 years to where I currently am right now. I chose to take the rite of passage from child to adult... I listened to the message from spirit, source, creator, god whatever and chose to grow up, to transform and evolve and turn my back on people, places, thoughts and habits that were bringing towards my worst life. I no longer settled for mediocrity. I chose to stop treating women in a disrespectful manner because of my issues. I chose to stop running away from my darkness, my pain and myself... I chose to stop running away to the bottle and other substances to numb my reality and/or escape my reality.  I simply chose to ask for help…

I had this voice in the back of my head for 10 years softly telling me to stop. Whether it was after a night of drinking, sending a girl home, ghosting a girl or whatever it was that voice was always there quietly… Listening to that voice and setting the intention for help was when I was guided home… No. Not to a physical home. But home back into my heart. Home is where the heart is. I was in my ego state of consciousness for a very long time. That moment of hitting the ground was snapping me out of my ego and back into my heart space. I was guided home by a shining light.. My Grandfather held my hand throughout the entire journey and he continues to do it in the present day. He is always with me…. During the darkness and through into the light. He showed me the way home and reminded me that I am never alone, it was the most beautiful thing to experience… 

You can allow your spirit to shine through even through the darkest of times.. You do not have to hit rock bottom.... This can be avoided if you ask for help and make changes to your lifestyle and begin working on your Self - Sabotage.. Everyone has a special someone that they have lost… However, they are in spirit form now... Begin to tap into their energy and reconnect with them the same way I have been able to with my Grandfather and a few other relatives of mine… They have just transitioned to the other side… Set the intention right now for help or something better… Don’t wait until the new year to change… Start now. Take action and make it happen… There is a way out of whatever situation you find yourself in.. Allow help to arrive and begin sifting through your darkness. I have free programs and free advice available to you. Message me or email me. I am always here for you. Let's begin your transformational journey together. I look forward to working with you! 

Here for you anytime,

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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