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Nath’s 3 Tips For A Better Life:

In modern society we all yearn for something better in life… Something more meaningful and purposeful.. More money, a better body, a better life etc… However, we remain trapped in this cycle of comfort and pleasure.. The simple action of stepping off that cycle frightens people, which in turn keeps them stuck and trapped.. There are many ways to break free from this cycle and add more meaning and purpose to your life but it comes with patience, resilience, discipline and thinking long term instead of short term but also gaining conscious awareness of people, places, chemicals and habits that are keeping you stuck and living a mediocre crappy life...

In no particular order, here are my 3 simple tips for a better life in 2024… Remember progression not perfection..

  1. Stop Watching Tv

If you want something better then throw your tv in the bin or turn it off… The Tv ‘programming’ drives you toward the gutter instead of driving you toward your best life… Given the way our subconscious minds work on a repetitive basis, if you are watching the news (which is designed to put you in a state of fear), sexualised programming, drama, lying, cheating and stealing then this is how your life will be or already is.... Living in fear is the opposite of being your best self and by watching this garbage programming is ensuring you stay stuck and mediocre living a crappy life thinking it's fate or a 'good time'... Furthermore, the Tv shows, movies, news, advertisements, sports etc are programming you to destroy yourself daily…They are also distracting you from ever going within to learn about yourself and the world on a deep level…  It is beyond obvious now. Throw it away and replace the Tv with something positive and uplifting, such as hypnosis recordings or inspiring motivating content.

2. Move Your Body

Time to get off your couch and stop living a sedentary lifestyle…  This is another primary reason why your life is stagnant, lacking purpose, lacking drive and lacking meaning… Why? Because you are not moving, you are not exercising… We are all energy and if we are not moving that energy becomes stuck, trapped and stagnant.. Go to the gym, go for a walk, swim, ride, run, stretch, yoga.. Do something to move your body and you will feel much better emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.. Get up and move your body!! 1, 2, 3, GO!! Invest in the book How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy (The Bible Of Health) By Paul Chek to kick start your journey towards your best…

3. Stop Treating Your Body Like A Garbage Bin

You have inhibited this human body to live a human existence down here on Earth… Poisoning yourself and your mind with alcohol, smoking, vaping, porn/onlyfans, casual sex, junk food, toxic mainstream sunscreen, toxic mainstream deodorants, mainstream hair care products, non - organic food, soft drinks, diet soft drinks, zero sugar soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, anti depressants, caffeine, coffee, plastic, fluoride, tap water, Whey Protein Powder, Pre Workout, Post Workout, toxic non stick teflon pans, medications, panadol, nurofen, refined sugar and nicotine all destroys you and your potential… You have been programmed to believe the lies that these things in moderation are good for you and your health.. .. All proven poison to destroy you, click the links and see for yourself.. … Trust me this list is endless, there is so much more! Make a checklist and tick off each poison and you will get there toward optimal health… If you have big goals, big dreams, high aspirations then you need to ensure your vessel is healthy… You cannot achieve a better life with a poisoned vessel… Take back control of your health and watch your life change… 

Your body can do some pretty awesome shit when healthy and on the flip side it can cause pain, tension, dis-ease and discomfort…Stop treating it like a garbage bin. Nourish the body you have inhibited by filling it with filtered water and organic real whole food. Start there and you will be on the path toward a better life.. Invest in yourself, you are worthy, you are enough. 

You came here for a more important reason then playing small and being mediocre..You are worthy, you are enough and you are capable of amazing things… Go out there and be awesome… I believe in you… As always, reach out anytime. I am always here for you…

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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