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Nath Song Review #5 Cardi B - WAP

Updated: 6 days ago

After a little break from writing song review blogs I am back with the fifth installment… When this particular song came across my mind, I had to circle back and analyse it.. The song for this review is Cardi B - WAP (Wet Ass Pussy)... Yes you read correctly this is not a typo, this is a real song and it was released in 2020. Click Here to Listen…

The lyrics to this song had me fall back in my chair….. I am absolutely gobsmacked that this song is readily available for anyone to listen to. Furthermore, the lyrics have to be seen to be belived... Click this link and you can read the full lyrics. Good luck! 

You do not have to be a rhode scholar to figure out how heavily sexualised the lyrics to this song are… Given the way our Subconscious minds work on a repetitive basis. The repetition of sex in this song is off the charts.. At the beginning of the song you will hear ‘Whores in this house’ over and over again… Can you see what is being done here yet? The end of the song is the exact same… Furthermore, ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ is repeated so many times that I lost count… If you are not consciously aware, you will find yourself singing this song randomly as it is catchy… All by design… During the song you will hear about creaming, bending over, tying up and much, much worse… However, Cardi B raps so fast so that if you are unconsciously listening you have no idea consciously what she is rapping... Take a read of the lyrics and your jaw will be on the floor just like mine... Ponder this question right now… Would you want your young children listening to this garbage? Programming them at a young age about sex and all kinds of weird kinks…  If you are listening or have been listening to this song repeatedly, you will be driven towards sex or sexualised content. Furthermore, this song has been clearly released to the public to destroy the family unit, drive sexual repetition into the minds of the masses and ensure boys perceive women in a sexual way… This is just the lyrics, just you wait until the music video…. It only gets worse from here… Click Here to watch the music video… Good luck!  

I am going to be really blunt in my review of this music video… Honestly, this music video is a soft core pornographic video… It is staggering that our society has come to this point where we allow these types of songs and music videos to be out there readily available for public viewing. This heavy sexualised culture we live in needs to be changed and shifted. Sex is a sacred coming together of the Masculine and Feminine to make and/or create love. This music video and our mainstream culture portray sex as this lust casual act… It is so much more deeper and connected than that…. For a more in depth discussion on this topic, you can listen to a Mens Roundtable I hosted by Clicking Here. 

The music video starts off with gates opening up to a spinning fountain… The fountain are statues of naked women with water coming out of their breasts… It is important to note that this is an Immediate sexual imprint which sinks straight into the subconscious mind of the viewer… The common theme in the music video is women wearing very little and dry humping a chair and performing the splits showing lots of bum… Again, arousing the viewer and turning them on sexually. Just imagine what this is doing to a childs mind... As an analyst, I watch music videos and pick up on the subtle clues hidden in the background… In the background of this music video you will see naked statues of breasts and bums five times.. Remembering your subconscious picks up 11 million pieces of information per second.. This part of the mind constantly scanning for the most repetitive content in which you will act out… In simpler terms, you may not see it. But your subconscious does.. The end of the song we see a woman dressed in red worshiping a devil… Have you noticed that this is a common theme amongst mainstream music yet? Let me assure you that this is not here for show or your entertainment… This is spell - casting, energy magic for you to subconsciously summon in the ‘devil’ or worship the’ devil.’ This is all occurring outside of your conscious awareness which is wreaking havoc on your nervous system. 

A simple solution is to turn your back on all modern day mainstream music… Surround your house in loving affirmations and speak kindly to yourself, that’s how you begin to reprogram your subconscious. Think of it like going to the gym to build strength, you are building mental strength. 

The best piece of advice I can give you is turning your back on this kind of music. It is messing with you. Surround yourself with music that uplifts you and inspires you. Music that lights up your soul and your entire being. Surround yourself with positivity and positivity will come into your life. You have the power..  Use that power and energy into becoming your best version of you. Do not feed this beast anymore and it will die a slow painful death and we can turn this world around for our children. 

If you wish to become a REAL King in your life (not a conditioned King) then work with me. I will show you how to break free and step out into the world with a purpose and motivation.. We will go deep into everything and I will provide a space for you to express it all and turn it into the greatest comeback story ever! It’s your story, let's write it together.   Free zoom consultation to begin the journey? Easy done. Contact me and let's go. 

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I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach. 

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10 mai

Hi TSS, long-time reader, first-team commenter.

Love these song reviews. The subversive nature of pop music these days is extorting our youth, and the governmental powers keep propping up the industry to create brain-washed cogs for the sexualised capitalist machine.

Would love a song review on Sufjan Stevens. His music is subversive, with homoerotic and religious undertones that encourages our young soft boys to engage in feminin activities. I'm deeply worried the young men out there are subconsciously losing their vibrant masculinity to these subversive soft boy anthems.

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