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Naths’ Song Review: Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red

There is an extremely popular song by Doja Cat titled Paint The Town Red… Click Here to listen.. In modern society people are listening and singing along.. The general public have little or no conscious awareness of these lyrics they are singing out…. Additionally, words cast spells... Hence why in school it is called “spell-ing”.. Words are extremely powerful and this is the precise reason why we should always talk positively about ourselves. Furthermore, we as human beings are all made up of energy, everything is energy.. Therefore, positive energy is far greater than negative energy… The lyrics of this particular song sends out a very negative dark energy which sinks into your subconscious mind then through your energy system… Click Here for a book on this topic by Dr. Joseph Murphy.. Now, let's deep dive into these lyrics shall we? Hold onto your hats this is about to get wild! 

Let me ask you this question… Have you taken the time to read these lyrics? Think about this for a second and just consider that our children are listening to this song… Given the way our subconscious minds are programmable between the ages 0-7 … This song is not good for our children's minds on any level.. Take a listen for yourself and your jaw will be on the floor once you realise what you have been singing this entire time… The first verse of the song Doja states “Yeah, bitch, I said what I said. I'd rather be famous instead (walk on by) I let all that get to my head. I don't care, I paint the town red.” Given the way our subconscious minds work on a repetition basis if you’re singing this you are saying you would rather give up being moral and ethical to be famous instead… The chorus of this song is unbelievable and I quote…. “Mm, she the devil She a bad lil' bitch, she a rebel (walk on by) She put her foot to the pedal. It'll take a whole lot for me to settle (walk on by) Mm, she's the devil.” I do not even have to say anything about this chorus… It speaks for itself… The programming here is unbelievable right? But just like that guy on those horrible ads selling you something you don’t need saying ‘but wait there’s more.’ Yes, there is more…. I would like to draw your attention to the second verse… “Yeah, said my happiness is all of your misery, I put good dick all in my kidneys.” Our children are getting sexual energy into their psyche through their ears.. This is not that of making or creating love.. What has our music come to? Gone are the days of music that ignites your soul and brings you joy…. This song does the complete opposite and you are literally manifesting a ‘devil’… It is quite simple that his song brings into your subconscious nothing but death, devil worshiping and destruction… Alarmingly, our children have access to this trash on audio and video platforms.. But wait hold on, there’s more…. The music video to this song is on a whole different level of its own. Doja is worshiping a devil and death…

Click Here to watch the music video… If you can make it until the end of this video then kudos to you. The music starts off with a spinning record, which is a classic mind control tool.. This is a tool hypnotists use to hypnotise a person on a stage show.. The classic ‘watch my finger or spinning spiral.. Whilst the record is spinning you will see a black hand, which is hers… She is also seen pulling her eye out.. Given the way our subconscious minds work you are already under a form of mind control by watching the start of this music video… Furthermore, within the lyrics she refers to the devil six times... On a repetition basis which our subconscious loves.. Six imprints of the word 'devil' is all you need for people to start singing that song out loud and begin saying 'devil'... Click Here to watch a video that shows you a step by step process as to how this is done through repetition. This will leave your jaw on the floor... As the music video goes on Doja is standing on a green being that could be interpreted as a form of the devil whilst singing the first verse… As we come into the chorus she is in red (classic mind control colour) singing “the devil..” The devil quote is littered through the song, this repetition is literally programming you to conger in the devil… As we come into the second verse we see a being known as ‘death’ standing next to her.. Already the subconscious which is scanning for repetitive content already has imprints of devils and death.. Our children and the general public are downloading this program for death, devil and destruction.  As the song progresses we have the classic seeing eye in red blood, and Doja is now black with horns dressed up as the devil… Wait there's more! Here is the worst part of all… Towards the end she is seen singing whilst playing with a dead human carcass, hugging death and painting the town red it seems…. I am calling this for what it is… This is a ritual.. If you want to look into rituals. Click Here for a documentary which backs up everything I am currently writing about.. Moving on, the music video ends with a hug acknowledging death and she's back on the green devil that was seen at the beginning of the music video... Ponder this question: are you aware of the psychological programming going on here physically? Let’s go one step further.. ARE you aware of the dark spiritual programming going on here? From the seeing eye, to playing with flesh, to putting red contacts in eyes, to worshiping death and the devil.. Are you aware of what this is doing to you? To your mind? Are you really?  You are manifesting death, destruction, devils, and playing with human flesh… On a repetition basis you will act this out in some form in your life if you watch this consistently over and over again without conscious awareness… Simply, imagine your child watching this… Even yourself, what are they or you manifesting? 

Now that you’re aware of this programming it can become quite difficult to not see this in almost every music video since 2000… This is everywhere and I could write countless blogs about all of the songs, live performances and music videos that have this programming littered throughout… What's really going on here is deep dark energy magic. It is not good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and most importantly spiritually. The best piece of advice I can give you is turning your back on this kind of music. It is messing with you on so many levels... Start by surrounding yourself with music that uplifts you and inspires you. Music that lights up your soul and your entire being. Then surround yourself with positivity and positivity will come into your life. You have the power..  Begin to use that power and energy into becoming your best version of you. Do not feed this beast anymore and it will die a slow painful death and we can turn this world around for our children. 

I have put together a group coaching Teen Self - Help program based on  my experiences and journey as a person and as a Teacher inside the system. I have a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and have worked in schools for most of my adult life.. Furthermore, Our Teens need this.… The program is surface level, to allow the students to dip their toes into their journey of self discovery setting them up for success and independence. 

Click Here to come work with me beginning on March 17th for 9 Weeks in the Breaking Free Teen Group Coaching Program. A self - help program designed for the teens of today. We tackle all self sabotaging habits and I will show the teens just how powerful they really are.. There will be tons of engaging activities and some very entertaining videos where I will show them how powerful the subconscious part of the mind really is. Reach out to me anytime, I am always here for you. Please Email me and I will send you the free overview of the 9 week program personally. See you all on opening day!! 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are! 

Nathan Francis: Youth Self Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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