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New Year's Resolutions:

We have all set New Year's resolutions in our lives and the majority of ones we set we do not achieve, or they are too unrealistic… Have you ever wondered to yourself why you perhaps bought all of that gym equipment only to find it collecting dust as a clothes rack somewhere inside? Well, it is because of your subconscious mind… The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that loves you and wants to keep you safe, it is the greatest love story ever told. Furthermore, it is also the part of the brain that no one speaks about or is educated on. It is also heavily censored… . The programs you pick up inside the subconscious come from a wide range of sources since you were in the womb.. Ranging from your parents, TV, all media, people around your family, people in general, the mainstream schooling system and pretty much anywhere or anyone you can mirror, mimic, copy and emulate. Children are fast learners, you were a fast learner once yourself. Children between the ages 0-7 are in what's called the Theta Brainwave, where you are picking up information and programs from the sources I stated above… This is why you do the things you do. This is why you set New Year's Resolutions and never follow through with them… This is why you drink alcohol and don’t know why, this is why you cannot find love, this is why you work a job you don’t like, this part of the brain is the driving force for your worst life or your best life. This part of the brain cannot tell the difference between positive and negative, rational or irrational… Why not feed it positivity, health, love, prosperity, abundance, joy and harmony? Instead of pain, destruction, self hate etc…

Having said that, here you are at the end of another year, another year where you feel you could have, should have, would have and didn’t in terms of your health, wealth, growth, diet, exercise, self love/care etc… It was another year you feel you may have wasted and are stuck…. So you’re probably wondering or pondering now the ‘where to from here’? My advice, set yourself a positive and realistic intention of one key area of your life that is currently lacking. Then allow yourself to put all of your time and energy into mastering and being better at that one area. I suggest starting with health. Health is the foundation of life's success. Become the healthiest version of yourself and boy your life will change instantly. Furthermore, you will be stronger and clearer to make those bigger changes.

Good luck in 2023! Reach out if you need help. I have tons of programs available plus a podcast with tons of free information with a wide range of guests from all walks of life. Knowledge is power. Power yourself up towards the better you. Start your 2023 the right way towards the life of your dreams. It starts and ends with you.

Follow Bruce Lipton (The Honeymoon Effect, Youtube Channel):(, Dr Joseph Murphy (The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind) and Dr John Demartini (

to name a few to get you started. The podcast I have shared here in the above link is literally life changing. I suggest listening to it. Soak in all the beautiful information shared.

New Years Resolution Podcast Right here:

Happy new year, Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you to become your best self.

Nathan Francis

Teen Self - Sabotage Coach

Self - Sabotage Coach

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