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New Years Resolutions II

It’s that time of year again where everyone out there in modern society decides to end the holiday season with setting New Year Resolutions after treating their bodies like garbage bins that are full of alcohol, sugar and junk food.. Quite often you will find people will set the intention to be healthier, start eating better and perhaps going to gym… If there are little to no results people will just quit and resort back to old ways…. Or nothing will happen at all.. At this point, it's all bark no bite… How many times have you encountered people like this? Or perhaps you have been or are one of these people yourself? Well there is an explanation to all of this type of unconscious behaviour… 

There is a part of your mind called the Subconscious that runs on the programs you have picked up since childhood between the ages of 0-7… It is the part of the mind that loves and keeps you safe… It is the reason why you drink alcohol after a shitty day, it's the reason why you numb yourself, your pain and your reality, it’s the reason why you vape, gamble all of your money away, play video games, scroll on your phone endlessly, watch porn, and chase lust instead of love… Furthermore, this part of the mind cannot tell the difference between what’s right and wrong, positive and negative, immoral and moral, ethical and unethical…Simply, by gaining conscious awareness of why you do the things you do is where change can be implemented. Otherwise, you are running these programs in which you are completely oblivious to what you are doing and how you are acting.. Furthermore, think of your mind as if you are going to the gym. If you want to build muscle you will eventually gain enough repetitions over time to build muscle. Your mind is the same, to out rep the negative replace it with something positive and eventually you will out rep the negative and the positive will take over.. 

For me, I was one of those people I described above for a long time… I set New Year's Resolutions but never achieved anything due to my programming and fear of being a success and something great. I set all of the usual resolutions…. Eat better, drink less alcohol, treat women better, start going to the gym and changing my habits… I quite often would start doing it for a few days, then I would stretch it out to a few weeks, but I would always stop… I didn’t see results, things weren't happening quick enough.. Whatever my tribe was doing, I did as well… I was also very impatient in all forms of my life… I had the same mindset as all of society today.. I didn’t know any better…. I was simply working as designed.. Upon gaining the conscious awareness of why and how, I began to in-still patience, resilience and discipline into my life which instead of chasing instant reward and/or gratification, I began to develop a long term vision, plan and way of thinking.. I knew the results will come down the road. By simply flipping that script and sitting in solitude, I changed my life trajectory in a heartbeat..

My Advice For You In 2024: Become more patient, resilient and disciplined and the results will come. Ditch the short term fix, the short term gratification. Stop handing your power away to others, take your power back and start with your health first... Begin aiming for the long term… Ask yourself these questions: What's your six month, twelve month, three year, five year and ten year plan? What do you stand for? What are your values? Who are you? What are you grateful for? Upon journaling and pondering these questions you will find what you truly desire… Start taking back control of your life, your habits and your health…  Ditch alcohol, porn, vaping, smoking, gambling, casual meaningless sex.. Then start eating organic real whole food, move your body, go to the gym and stop treating yourself like a garbage bin… Nourish the vessel you have inhibited for this human experience and your body will do amazing things! Furthermore, set an intention to be better in 2024, stick to it and you will become that version… Progression not perfection and you will get there! I believe in you! Together we can all make this world a better place. However, it starts and ends with you… Be the change you wish to see in the world…. 

I look forward to working with you in 2024! Thank you for reading and watching wherever in the world you are. 

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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