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Overcoming People Pleasing Part 2: The Power Of Rising Up

Updated: Feb 9

Once you start to become authentic, true and start expressing yourself whether that is through writing blogs, sharing social media posts, starting a podcast or making videos you will find that you will resonate with people who match your vibration and/or frequency that you are on. For example, high frequency, high energy will draw those same people in and they will understand most if not everything you put out there. On the flip side this will trigger, upset and even anger people who do not match your vibration. (e.g low vibration, low energy, sadness and people in pain.) You will feel those feelings of happiness and excitement when people reach out to you saying how wonderful and touching your work is. Like everything in life on Earth there is always going to be negative and positive people out there. You take the good, the bad and the ugly when you start expressing your true self. It is all part of this wonderful journey back to love.

You will find that once you start making big changes in your life, in terms of not doing the things you were doing (drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, casual sex etc) the people you bonded with doing those things may become triggered, sad, upset, frustrated and angry at you for not being your old self. People will miss you as they do not understand you anymore. Just remember it is not your job to convince or explain yourself to everyone hoping people will understand you as it drains your energy. Remember also that everything is energy and your energy is precious. Put your energy into something worthwhile. Please yourself first and if some people do not understand that then that is okay, one day they may understand or they may not sometimes you just have to let those people be.

Over the last week all of that and more has come up for me. People do not understand who I am and what I am doing anymore. It is quite sad and upsetting as some of those people were once very close to me. Sometimes a conversation in person or a phone call can go a long way if those people want to understand. It is not my job to make them understand.. If they do not want to understand then sometimes you may get picked on or teased for your efforts in rising up. Water off a duck's back is my attitude towards those people. If they truly want to know they’ll reach out and ask, if not then that's quite okay too. Rising up and being your best authentic self does not please everyone but if it pleases you then that's all that matters at the end of the day.

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Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are! 

Nathan Francis: Youth Self Sabotage Coach/Mentor.

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