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Self - Healing: Let's Start your Journey.

A lot of people out there in society today are consistently looking externally for healing such as doctors, physio, therapists etc.. Yes some of those are essential in an emergency but not for consistent use. This system is designed for you to always keep coming back for more.. More subscriptions, more medication, more therapy sessions where they prescribe you with poisonous dangerous antidepressants which in the long run make you worse off, and you only tell them your story or your issues you never hear a therapist talk about their problems with you. This system is so backwards. The best and most effective way of healing is through oneself. We are very powerful, we can heal ourselves. Internal healing requires persistence, patience and you have to be ready to deal with all of you and I mean ALL of you. The good, the bad and the ugly. Traumas, triggers, addictions and facing your ‘dark knight of the soul’ and everything in between. This type of healing cannot be done seeing a therapist once a week for an hour in a chair. This healing requires you to go within, you have all the answers inside of you. We all have a little voice inside which is called intuition. Allow that to guide you through, trust me it will be the best healing you do for yourself and the planet.

We heal and work on ourselves everyday, it is not a quick fix one and done. This is a lifelong healing journey that you embark on. It is the most incredible experience you will ever have, trust me. Everything will come up for you, all of your emotions and you will feel like quitting but then the universe gives you a little nudge and that little nudge keeps you going and on the right path.

My last twelve months have been all of what was described above and much more. My self healing journey has been one incredible journey which I have written a book about, soon to be published. There are still things coming up for me weekly, sometimes even daily that I need to work on. As I said this is lifelong. Navigating our way through is where I can come in. Allow me to help you get kick started. I have tones of free advice along with a free zoom to see if I am the right for you! I have at my disposal advice on diet, exercise, useful tips, self sabotaging behaviour/addictions, people pleasing, traumas, triggers, changing your life your mindset from negative to positive through the subconscious and allow you to live the life you were destined to live and so much more. However, this does require you to work on yourself and be committed to it which you will be once we’re done. It brings me so much peace and joy seeing people turn it around, you can be one of those people too. Reach out anytime and we will make something happen for you!

Love and blessings to you.

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