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Self Sabotage Archetype #3: The Person Wants Wealth and Abundance.

Financial based self sabotage is the most common form of self sabotage and this is based on group pressure/herd dynamics. Herd conformity and group pressure safety protocols are based on the size of the herd. The bigger the herd, the more your subconscious wants to find safety inside of it. On the flip side the smaller the herd the more terrified your subconscious is of moving into that group. Ponder this for a minute. There is no smaller group than the wealthy group and that mind control program is very common today in all Hollywood screen productions, where the poor person is portrayed as the most noble. Who always takes the higher moral ground. Furthermore, the rich person is always portrayed as uncaring, hated, not welcome and facing the world alone. (Their only companion being their money, very scary thought given the subconscious fears being alone the most) Trust me you will not be able to unsee this now after reading this. Additionally, this is designed to trigger a program of genetic fear (fear of being alone or being the most vulnerable in the group) that keeps the people running towards poverty and struggling at the end of the spectrum.

The people who rule us organise the repetitive content of screen ‘entertainment’ well I see it as ‘entrainment’ to ensure we stay right where ‘they’ want us. Which is unhealthy, diseased, overweight, poisoned, and financially stuck or struggling. Furthermore, this ensures we offer no form of pushback or resistance. It is so simple isn’t it? You have to hand it to them, they have done an incredible job over centuries. That is how far back this ruling group goes. Anyway, we are all as a human species capable of being amazing and reprogrammed for success at any given time, in order to tap into our fullest potential.

Everything from government schools only teaching students to write resumes entraining them to being a cog in the ‘system.’ Ever often wondered why the schooling system doesn’t teach how to write to business plans? Simple really, ‘they’ do not want us reaching our fullest potential as I stated above. Furthermore, remember the movie ‘Titanic’? The character Jack Dawson was the poor guy having the most fun in the third level where the poverty stricken people were. On the flip side, the rich were deemed as rude, arrogant and above everyone else. Your human farmers AKA ‘they’ consistently drown your subconscious mind pathway with repetitive content that keep you repelling, wealth, abundance and financial success. Therefore, once this program sets into the subconscious it becomes cruise control for your days on Earth. Unless you learn how to reprogram. All the movies are the same today as they always have been and they are the same for a simple reason. ‘They’ the people who rule us know how to weaponise repetitive content against you. Now it is time you learn how to weaponise repetitive content in your favour and in the direction of your dreams. It really is that simple. We are so powerful. Let’s take our power back.

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