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Self Sabotage Archetypes: #1 The Person Avoids The Hard Day And Is Pain Adverse -

This could be the foundational self sabotage pattern amongst human society today, it underpins all other self sabotage based behaviours. Simply, one could watch TV to avoid being ‘bored’, scrolling your phone to avoid feeling lonely, drinking alcohol to numb oneself to the pain of life, staying in a job you hate (when you feel as though you could be doing so much more), or going to the local shopping centre or shopping online to decorate your house with stuff you do not need or buying the latest shiny toy everyone else has. The average human avoids pain as a pattern, which leads to severe pain killing addictions such as medications. The subconscious mind is designed to find safety in life, manufacturing our behaviour where today is predictable and so is tomorrow. ‘Predictable’ means safe in the subconscious, and as previously stated the subconscious is all about seeking safety. Furthermore, this natural protection (the need to have each day mapped out exactly like the last) can cause us more pain. Especially if we do not take the proper right of passage from child to adult and put in the time and effort to discover how our behaviour really works. We would rather drink alcohol to avoid the pain, smoke cigarettes rather than face what needs to be solved in our lives from work to relationships, and watch TV because it is ‘comfortable.’ It is all an illusion for you to avoid facing your pain. All these ‘coping strategies’ are only designed to cause more pain. Are your coping mechanisms causing more pain in your life? Basically, avoiding your pain only causes more pain, you never get out the other side. People in Australia and other places have been programmed that ‘fun’ and the ‘constant good time, coast through life’ attitude/behviours is the ‘way it is here.’ People who think that life is about perpetual pleasure and numbing oneself with known toxic poisonous chemicals have the hardest time dealing with even the most minor pain and as a result of this, they literally pleasure themselves to an early death as their way of avoiding the hard day. We as a human society are so much more powerful than this.


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