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Six Solutions To Break Free From FBoy Programming:

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Our young males of today are acting out this Fboy, womaniser, player programming all over the world… From communicating with hundreds of women on a variety of different platforms to sleeping with multiple women and bragging to their friends of how high their numbers are. This is what is going on right now amongst our youth. They are completely oblivious to how this has been programmed into them. They believe this is ‘fun, normal, funny and what young people do.’ In reality, it is the complete opposite. Men are not supposed to treat women this way… It is not how the divine masculine and the divine feminine come together to create love and to make love as they have done through eons of time.

As I have previously stated numerous times throughout my content. I was a Fboy, womaniser, player for quite a long time during my younger years. I would constantly brag about my conquests to anyone who would listen… I was proud of it… I ran this program and I had absolutely no idea why I was doing the things I was doing. However, once I was able to see the bigger picture and go in deep with myself I was able to break free from this programming. From this, my perception of women has completely transformed. I don’t view them as sexual objects, I view them as human beings who are the Nurturer and birthing of life… Here are Six Solutions you can start implementing that can help you break free from this cycle which is leading you down the gutter of misery. Furthermore, remember it's all about progression not perfection.

  1. Become Aware of Your Thoughts

This solution is quite simple. When you look at a woman whilst you’re out in public what's the first thought that comes into your head? Is it sexual? Is it looking at her up and down? Become consciously aware of these, once you do you can begin to implement change where by taking back control of your thoughts you don’t view women as sexual objects.

2. Turn off the TV

This is a very simple and easy solution. Turn the Tv off so you are not exposed to all of the sexual programming that exists today through the screen. From Charlie in Two And A Half Men, Barney in How I Met Your Mother and Joey in friends to Stifler in American Pie, The jocks in teen movies the list goes on. Your screen is littered with these characters who are deemed as kings and have it all… This lifestyle killed Charlie in Two And A Half Men. Remember that.

3. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol literally changes your patterns of behaviour… It can turn boys extremely horny where they want women for only one thing.. I understand everyone else is doing it so you want to fit in and be ‘cool.’ But if you’re running this program then your weekends are filled with alcohol and chasing women for sex. You hit repeat on the cycle. If you are wanting to change your life then it is very simple. Turn your back on Alcohol. It is a poison.

4. Stop Watching Porn/Onlyfans

Porn is not real sex. These women are trafficked and treated like garbage. Porn is programming you to treat women poorly in bed (and in general) and to use them for your sexual desires, fantasies and fetishes and you believe all of this is normal sexual behaviour and that all women enjoy it. This is a fantasy, it is not real. Turn your back on porn. By doing this you will begin to view women differently and with respect as the human beings they are. Your relationships with them will change and it will not be from a sexual place. Furthermore, porn is destroying you and your mind.. Your mind and body will thank you. Read my blog about OnlyFans:

5. Limit your time on Social Media/unfollow models, etc.

If you’re running this program then I guarantee you that you follow a substantial amount of models with their bums out, boobs out etc. Unfollow these women. I guarantee you that you will be using snapchat to communicate with hundreds if not thousands of women. Delete the app . I guarantee you that you will be using dating apps for the same reason. Delete your account/s. Follow your friends and people who are breaking free from these habits, there are so many.. Limit your time on social media. If you spend too much time there you become bored, once you’re bored you will be drawn to look at porn or beautiful women to substitute.

6. Reach out and ask for help

If you’re struggling with this program or struggling in general. Don’t let it fester and allow it to become worse. Even if you’re starting to gain some conscious awareness of the things you are doing. You have the power to change. The most courageous, beautiful, magical, important and life changing thing you can do is Reach out and ask for help. If you’re reading this and have followed my work and I resonate, reach out to me. I am always here for you. Let’s have a conversation.

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Have an awesome day!

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach.

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