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The Courageous Act Of Asking For Help:

Updated: May 21, 2023

In modern society, the act of asking for help is deemed weak or less than if you will. Furthermore, we as humans love offering help but the act of asking for it is non existent. We often hear phrases such as, “I’ll be right mate”, “just get on with it" and “I don’t need help, I can do this on my own.” It is time to end that belief or program once and for all.

Asking for help is a sign of courage, strength and bravery. Moreover, just that one simple question can transform your whole life. It can accelerate your journey and advance you in ways beyond your imagination or your wildest dreams.

Let’s observe all of the successful people out there in the world today. Ranging from athletes, business people etc they all along the way asked for help when they needed it from someone. But for us everyday people it is this dark act, this less than act. Why is that? Because of your own beliefs subconsciously that have prevented and/or blocked you from ever asking for it. Maybe someone told you it was indeed weak, maybe someone told you to deal with it yourself and be strong. For anyone out there if you are stuck, lonely, broke, unhappy, depressed, addicted, sedated, weak, lost, sad, broken, in pain, out of shape, and struggling then please seek help, reach out to someone.. Life does not have to be like this.. You can choose to become better and evolve. It starts with you being brave and bold enough to put your hand up and say, “I need some help.” It is safe to ask. Life in this realm was never designed for you to be lacking. We as humans are designed to transform, evolve, learn, love, grow and succeed.

For me, I was feeling all of those feelings and more for most of my life. Until the start of 2020 when my life completely changed forever. It was the first time where I discovered the truths of the world. It was the emotions of dealing with those truths on top of my lifestyle of drinking, partying, numbing myself, gambling, sleeping around was beginning to take a toll on me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. However, there was something I was missing, something I was avoiding.Fast forward to 2021 it was the truth that existed within me. The truths of myself, my darkness, my demons, why I was the way I was and why I was doing the things I was doing. I was lost, broken, defeated, drunk, depleted and many more. I sat with myself and I asked myself for help. I set an intention and asked the universe, spirit, god, whatever you believe. Little did I know at the time that it would set me off on a beautiful self discovery healing journey. The next day was the 2021 AFL Grand final. This was my last night of drinking alcohol and doing drugs. I looked at myself in the mirror at the start of that night and said, “this is my last night of drinking, being a dickhead, and sleeping around. Enjoy it and get it out of your system.” I did just that. I woke up the next morning with a shocking hangover, I was very tired, and feeling very sorry for myself. I was scrolling through Facebook as I did most Sunday mornings. A podcast I had been listening to by Adrian D’Amico dropped a new episode (

where he was interviewing this man Jason Christoff speaking about Self - Sabotage and I was immediately drawn to it. As soon as Jason opened his mouth that was it. The amount of AHA moments in there was endless for me. I had just discovered why I was the way I was and how I was doing this to myself. I deemed myself the King Of Self - Sabotage. I ticked every single box. From relationships with women, to drinking myself stupid, to drugs, smoking/vaping, negative thoughts, people pleasing, becoming less than to fit in with the crowd, sabotaging my finances, the words I was using to myself and so much more. I began following Jason and his content. I religiously listened to every single podcast he had done at the time. I reached out to him for help and for some free advice which helped me immensely. Then in December of 2021 he launched his second or third semester of his Self - Sabotage Coaching Program. I immediately signed up. It was the very first time I had properly invested in myself and seeked help. This program changed my life. I wouldn’t have become a coach myself, written a book, started a podcast, a blog, a business and transformed my whole life if it were not for this program. It enabled me to overcome my own self - sabotage to be the healthiest and strongest version of myself. This program dusted me off, shook me up and enabled me to just be authentic and awesome. I am so grateful for the investment I made. If you are interested in his program. Jason is launching his 6th semester of his coaching school in a few days… Transform your life and then go out there and transform others…

Additionally, this was not the only time I seeked help. I seeked help from so many amazing beautiful souls as my journey has progressed. They all know who they are. Some I have written about in my book and some I have met since writing my book. I love each and every one of them. I often talk about these people if you book in coaching/mentoring sessions with me and as part of the summation package at the end I send you the details of these beautiful people.

You can transform your whole life just as I have by asking one simple question to someone. “Hey, may I have some help?” It is the most powerful, brave, bold and courageous act you can do. It will transform everything for you. Who knows it may even give you the boost to improve any and all areas of your life. The life of your dreams awaits you. Ask for help always.

I offer Free Zoom Calls and plenty of free advice to help get you started. If I resonate with you then please reach out. I love everything I do, and it would be my pleasure to help you discover the passion, love and motivation for something you wish to do in your life. Reach out anytime, I am always here for you.

Wherever in the world you are, thank you for reading and supporting me, my work and my message. I am grateful for all of you.


Nathan Francis - Youth Self Sabotage Coach.


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