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We all have an inner guidance, an inner voice inside, an intuition, a deep knowing/understanding... Some describe it as a ‘gut feeling’ or this ‘little voice in the back of the head.’ It is that voice or feeling that is currently being ignored by humanity. Humanity have continued to ignore this voice for a very long time. These voices are screaming at us to change, to be better, to do better, face our pain, face our darkness from within and begin our journey back to ourselves... Furthermore, this voice is calling for humanity to awaken from its slumber and begin the journey of understanding the world's truths and more importantly the hard truths that exist deep inside. I quite often speak about these hard truths that are deep within and this is why humanity is currently numbing, poisoning, distracting, avoiding and sedating themselves. Why? Because facing themselves, facing the truth is in the too hard basket. The "I don't want to go there, its too dark and scary.." Well how about we all open up that too hard basket and begin to face our truths that exist within and face the world's truths. By doing this you begin the journey of changing your world. You change your own world, changes our world.

This inner voice in modern times is quite easily ignored by us from social conditioning, programming, fear, technology, and all of the pleasure seeking distractions and chemicals out there. If you are able to turn your back on all of those listed above, then I guarantee you that little voice is speaking to you. Who knows it may very well be speaking to you right now.. Are you paying attention? Moreover, it has a message for you and you may not like it but it may very well be the life changing message you need to hear. So why won’t you listen? Perhaps my story of how I was able to allow this inner guidance to change my life, may indeed be the catalyst that inspires you to listen in to the whispers of your inner guidance to begin your healing journey...

I often speak and write openly and honestly about my journey of self - discovery as it is the greatest adventure of ups, downs, twists and turns that I have ever experienced.. I am grateful for this human experience of awakening, learning the truths of the world, learning and facing the truths that existed within me, facing my darkness, learning lessons, undoing patterns of behaviour, then changing my habits, my thoughts and my words and so much more. But do you know how all of this started for me? I have always had this little voice guiding me, and whispering to me but I never listened to it until 2020… That little voice was getting louder and louder between 2020-2021. Quite often while I was in silence which was a very rare occurrence prior to 2020 because I was avoiding myself and avoiding going to that dark place within...Whilst riding my bike or running I would again hear that voice nagging me to listen, stop and change.. I was then able to stop, pause and sit down with myself and begin to listen to my own inner guidance. Boy oh boy it was bloody hard, it was tough and quite confronting... However, It was the single greatest thing I ever did. The little voice inside that was telling me for a very long time to stop doing what I was doing. (Which was drinking, partying, gambling, watching porn, using women for sex, thinking negatively and pleasing others to name a few). I listened to this voice and invited it in to completely overhaul myself and my life. That little voice inside dragged me out of a very dark place and off a very dark path.. I often become quite emotional talking about it.. I am forever grateful that I was able to listen. I often wonder what my life would be like had I not listened. It is something I do not like to think about for too long… Listening to that little voice has put me in the position to be able to write this blog, a book, start a podcast, start a business, and a website. The beauty of this is, you have this inner guidance as well... Ask yourself and ponder this question... Are you LISTENING?

Listening to that voice may be scary, uncomfortable, painful, upsetting etc but that's okay. You are safe to go there and listen. Seek out help and avoid numbing it. It will be very tough to begin with and could be quite confronting but that’s okay. Trust me, this process gets easier as you go but you’ll need to allow yourself to go there and face it. Once you face it and look it in the eye there is no going back. It is a beautiful journey once you listen. This little exercise helped me immensely tune into the inner guidance.

Sit or lay down, breathe deeply 5-10 times in through nose out through mouth and completely relax. Listen or see the first thing that comes to mind. What comes up for you? What is it telling you? What is it showing you? Trust it, go with it. Perhaps you would like to journal about it and or reach out to me and tell me about your experience with your inner guidance. Trust the process and allow yourself to feel what you need to feel.

This inner guidance is leading you somewhere beautiful, magical and wonderful. Listen in, tune in and trust it. Life is a beautiful journey of self discovery and adventure. It all starts from within… Good luck!

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

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