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The Journey Of Self Discovery.

In modern society we as a human species have been so programmed, brainwashed and distracted to a point where we have been disconnected from nature and more importantly ourselves. From the never ending pleasure pit entertainment distractions such as TV, Phones, Video Games, Free Porn, Sport, Gambling and so on.. Moreover, we are constantly outsourcing our power away to an authority figure such as a Teacher, Doctor, Therapist, Coach, Energy Healer etc etc looking for a magic toxic drug, a quick fix something, or a healing session to save you from the pain and the suffering that you’re experiencing or have experienced.. You need to understand that you are believing a blatant lie if you believe that a pain killer or a toxic medication will make you ‘healthier’ and will ‘fix you.’ This will just keep you running away and repeating the same cycle. Living out this lie just numbs the pain and it will just keep you coming back for more pain killers on top of more until you deal with it or worse… The real work is done within. The best healers are the ones who share their experiences and teach you to heal yourself. Furthermore, none of these modalities will work efficiently if you continue down the cycle of distracting yourself with pleasure consuming the various pain-numbing sedative chemicals such as alcohol, drugs, sugar, caffeine, junk food, smoking/vaping etc. The reason why none of this works is because you don’t want to sit with yourself and deal with the pain you may have been carrying around deep inside for a very long time. You’d rather run away to the porn, the bottle, the TV, the food, the mistress, the sex or whatever you choose right? This pain builds up over the course of your life and this is the precise reason why there is so much dis-ease, dysfunction, depression and physical ailments amongst the masses of today…

Ponder this, have you ever thought for one second about walking the path of self discovery? Do you feel scared? Do you feel like it would be a lonely journey of discovery? Let me assure you if you ask for help the journey won’t be as lonely.. Always seek out and reach out for help. It truly is the best thing I did. This is the journey where you uncover the truths of the world and the truths that exist within you. The journey where you also discover where your pain comes from and where to then learn the root cause of why you do what you do.. The journey which I ran away from for 27 years of my life. The journey which changed my life and will indeed change yours forever.

My journey of self - discovery has been the single greatest journey of my life. We never stop learning. As the saying by Einstein goes, ‘the day you stop learning is the day you start dying.’ I had this little voice which I often speak about telling me to stop drinking my pain away and sadness away, stop chasing women, treating women like garbage and stop avoiding myself and my pain… This little voice set off a massive chain of events that would undoubtedly change my life forever. It started the day I told myself that I would stop drinking and destroying myself was the day I put in the line in the sand and said enough is enough.

Read more about the “Inner Guidance” Here:

It was time to go within, face my pain, face my shadow and go to that deep dark place and allow the light in. The light was my light, it was always my light. I just had to remove some darkness first. If I didn’t listen to that voice I often wonder where I would be right now… I don’t ponder for too long, but I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog that’s for sure. The greatest personal achievement came when I left porn behind forever. Embarking on this journey opened me up to endless opportunities and meeting some truly awesome people. Whilst casting aside other people's opinions and continuing to strive forward towards my dreams and the life I want. To achieve the things you want to achieve you need to ensure that you are valuing yourself and your opinion because at the end of the day that is all that matters. Don’t allow people to bring you down into the crab bucket, keep rising up and do it. The right people will gravitate and give you the nudge or the push in the right direction.

The beauty of this work is I teach you and show you how powerful you are. I show you where your pain is and how we can release it to move you forward. I also show you how your mind works and how it has been wired to live your worst life without your awareness. I show to be the best version of yourself and I reprogram you so that you will not give up on yourself and quit. Rise baby rise like the beautiful golden light you are. I am your second biggest cheerleader. You are number one and I show you that too. Let's have a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you..

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth - Self Sabotage Mentor/Coach.

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