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The Key To Breaking Free: Who Are You?

In modern society we have been programmed inside our mainstream school system and by society in general from generations to be this one thing and to build someone else's dream instead of our own… We are taught to write resumes and cover letters…. We are taken to career expos and shown how to work a ‘job’. We are not shown how to build and prepare a business plan and we most certainly do not have independent financial investors and/or entrepreneurs or people in business running talks on how to start up your own… We as a human being are so much more than that one thing. We are so much more than being a cog in the system working a soulless, lifeless and meaningless job… We can do and be multiple upon multiple things… Remember that… But it's the deep programming that you must choose to be this one thing for the rest of your life and that defines you… Furthermore, we are given labels inside these systems (which are broken) such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and so many more…Those labels given to you do not define you either.. Then there are the labels we give ourselves such as the smoker, the drinker, the gambler, the joker, the party boy, the player etc…. You are definitely not defined by these labels either… Simply, there is a common theme here: these labels, and societies ‘norms’ keep you stuck inside a cocoon or box if you will…  Here's how I broke free from the box or cocoon I was in to become the beautiful butterfly I was destined to become, to inspire you to do the same! 

I was asked by a friend last week ‘Who Are You Nathan Francis?’ That question set me off on an interesting path of deep self - reflection, and deep pondering into who I actually am underneath the surface… I was always defined by my old town as a player, womaniser, fboy who enjoyed a drink (alcoholic) and a good time… I lived by that label for 7 years of my life, that’s who I was… I was also going to become this one thing. Which was a Teacher and simply blend in and teach for 30-40 years and that was it…. I turned my back on those labels because I knew I was here for a more important reason/mission than just those things… I listened to my inner voice  and set off on a path of self discovery which you can read about here: 

From that moment on it was time to let go of the bricks from my feet, break free from my cocoon and become multiple upon multiple awesome things and align with my true soul's purpose and remember why I am here and who I am… However, I had fear below the surface and a little inner child that was blocking me from ever stepping out into my true potential. It was that little boy who was told by a Teacher to stop writing about sports and fall back in line to write what everyone else was writing. The fear? The fear of putting myself out there, speaking my truth, speaking my mind and the fear of being something great… Those negative thoughts of ‘who’s going to resonate with what I have to say? What if no one listens, watches or reads my content? They plagued me for such a long time… It was at this moment where I told this inner child that he can break free from what he was told, he is worthy, he is so much more and a new story is being written…. Which led me to answer that question of ‘Who Are You Nathan Francis?’ The most interesting part of answering this question was being told 200 times to ‘go deeper.’  I came to remember that I am a soul having a human experience. I came here to learn things, feel things and live up to my full potential and remember that I am a sovereign and free being… That’s who I am, now you can ponder or journal this question Who Are You? Who Are You Beyond Below the surface? Who are you beyond the labels? Beyond the job? Who Are You? Enjoy the journey of remembering…..  

We all on some level fear being something great due to the pressures of society, family programming and programming from the media.. It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power and you always have.. We can all be something great… We all have a story worth telling, sharing and writing… Your story is unique and amazing to you in every single way, you do not have to compare yourself to Tom, Dick or Harry down the road…. Its your story, go for it and do what it is you came here to do…. 

A great mentor of mine told me that I can do and be multiple things, and she helped me remember that I am not one thing… Hearing and remembering those words transformed me. It kick started my journey to which I am now nearly 2 years in… Life is a beautiful ride! Enjoy the human experience..

Let's kick start your 2024 transformation into your best self, and it all starts with a free zoom call. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you…

Thanks for reading from wherever in the world you are!

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor

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