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The Power Of Questions:

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

In modern society, people have forgotten the fine art or power if you will, of asking questions. They take everything they hear and see on the TV, in the media, on social media, in the print media, the government, the doctor, pretty much anyone in authority as gospel.. No questions asked… This issue stems from a lot of programming that started within the current schooling system which is designed to make you a perpetual slave for life living out your worst life… Have a read of ‘Weapons of Mass instruction’ by John Taylor Gatto for more mind blowing information in regards to why the schooling system is really in place.

Furthermore, the power of asking yourself questions can manifest into something amazing or something destructive within your subconscious mind (the part of the brain that runs your life on autopilot if you are not consciously aware of why you do what you do, say, and think) … The inner dialogue that goes on daily within your deep thoughts and feelings, positive or negative can have an effect on you. Simply asking yourself where this feeling or emotion is coming from enables your body to give you the answer… That’s how you identify your activations (triggers), by doing this over the course of time you will become less reactive to certain stories, people or situations that may arise.

For me, asking questions has become a habit of mine over the last 2 years since the whole ‘nodemic’ started. However, it wasn’t until the last 6 months or so that I turned that power inwards and have begun asking myself where a feeling or emotion has come from or what do I need to do to manifest something good like love, abundance or happiness. I quite often get the answer days, hours, minutes or instantly. Yes, that is how powerful your questions can be, you will receive the answer through what is called a synchronicity… A person will come into your life, a song will play on the radio, you’ll start seeing numbers. The list goes on.. Pay attention because they are answers, answers to your questions, your desires, your wishes, your commands… It is truly the most powerful amazing moment once you are aware… Trust me, I have these daily and/or weekly and it completely blows me away each time and that's just what I am aware of. I am constantly working on becoming more aware of what is around me and not focusing on the one person or situation, that is also incredibly powerful too.. Once you start asking questions to the world, you will get the answer back that you are seeking.. It starts from within…

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