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The Truth From Within Shall Set Us All Free:

As the old saying goes ‘The truth Shall set you free.’ This saying could not be anymore relevant to what is currently taking place in the world right now. There is a shift happening, the absolute absurdness of the last 3 years is being exposed on a grand global scale now. However, it's the bigger, more hidden truths of the world that have remained a closed book that is frustrating people..

We all want the truth to come out but it's only going to come out if we’re all truthful with ourselves and release our own hidden truths. That's how this process and the universe works. Mother Earth is currently cleansing herself from all the negative evil energy that has existed here for eons. But to help this shift we must remove our negative energy and our own evil from within. Furthermore, the universe is a mirror. It mirrors our reality. If we’re in a negative vibration or state then that's what is given back to us from people, moments, life itself you will be in a constant negative state. The same works for the truth, if you’re honest with yourself and those around you the universe will provide that back for you. While you sit there reading this, ponder this question… Are you being truthful with yourself and those around you? Are you sitting on your hands yelling at the news or radio angrily begging them to tell the truth? Do you have secrets hidden in your closet? Do you tell white lies to people? Have a look in your mirror, have a deep look. The reason the truth hasn’t come out has nothing to do with the media or those who rule us. It has to do with you. Be honest with yourself, rid yourself from your own evil, your own darkness and help cleanse yourself and the Earth for all truth to come out. This cycle will keep repeating itself over and over again until we all learn.

Make it your own obligation, and an obligation to the rest of humanity to rid yourself of your own evil, lies, negativity and deceit to allow the truth of the world to come out. The time is now for humanity to be moral, ethical, honest, loving and kind. The evil force can no longer control us if we step into our power. We turn off the Tv, we stop sending our children to school, we stop treating our body as a garbage bin, we find our purpose, we exercise, we read books and connect with ourselves again. This all helps Mother Earth cleanse. You can’t keep sitting on your hands pissing your life away drinking alcohol, eating garbage food, vaping, smoking, watching porn, watching meaningless tik toks, scrolling your phone, sitting around doing nothing, working a soulless shitty job waiting for a saviour… There is no saviour, you are the saviour. You are the one that you have been waiting for. That is your power and once you know and awaken that within yourself you have full control over your body, mind, soul and spirit. Expose the truth within yourself and your own life to then allow the world truths to come out.. The truth within you shall set you free, which sets the world free… It is that simple.

If you need help, please reach out anytime. I can help shift your programs, help you overcome your self - sabotage, your darkness and allow new programs in which can lead you back to your best, most healthy version of yourself. Taking back your power. You are not only doing it for yourself you are doing your family and the rest of humanity a favour as well. You are worthy, you are enough. You always have been. You will always be. Thank you for reading.

Nathan Francis - Youth Self Sabotage Coach.


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