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Unleashing The Power Of Sexual Energy

Updated: 6 days ago

Sexual energy is the most potent and powerful energy within you.. Male or Female…. In modern society we have been conditioned through programming that Sex is a casual, fun and in some cases meaningless act… Furthermore, we have not been educated properly on the subject… For example, in the current system it is all about ‘Safe’ Sex where putting condoms on bananas and women taking the pill (which is highly toxic) is the norm.. We can dive deep into the use of the word safe another time.. But for now, safe is a trigger word which sinks into your subconscious… We are all trauma victims to a degree and the ‘safe’ word is used against you… Click here to learn more… Meanwhile, it is such a backward system… We know plastic is not good for our health given what plastic is made up of such as BPA and other toxic chemicals… Remember boys you are putting that plastic on your penis which causes all sorts of infertility problems down the road…. Yes boys, there is nothing safe about condoms… Click here and here to learn more about plastic and condoms. There is a lot of fear out there about ‘unsafe’ sex and how it can cause pregnancy…. If you look into the women's cycles they can only get pregnant 4 days a month… So is there a need for all these toxic things like pills and condoms? No, there is not. It is all on one level a money grab by Big Pharma… Learn more about that by Clicking Here… Furthermore, proper sexual education is not taught for many reasons because of how powerful you are and your sexual energy is… One layer being there is no money in proper sexual education as there is nothing for you to buy..  However, pornography is free on the Internet and there is sex everywhere you turn down here on Earth… Oh I wonder why? 

Let’s delve further shall we…. For boys, the life force within you is also known as your Semen… Allow me to reiterate this… This is life force energy… This energy can create a life once it connects to the egg… Ponder this, if that energy can help create a human life can it also be held onto which would then recreate your life as well? Interesting question huh....

From my experience since learning about Semen Retention it became quite clear that yes indeed, this energy is powerful once you learn how to hold on to it. Rather than depleting yourself of it through masturbation…There is a reason why Porn is free and heavily used in modern times. The more boys deplete themselves, the weaker they become over time… Boys, your best proteins, vitamins, enzymes and minerals are in your semen and the more you masturbate, the more your body depletes itself of these vital resources… This is why you’re tired and lacking motivation in life because your body has no energy… Again from my experience, this is indeed correct. I used to masturbate frequently, once, twice or sometimes three times a day over porn. I was used to and comfortable feeling depleted. I simply did not know any other way… Once I discovered the work of Nakula Das and started holding on to my semen I learned very quickly that this energy is indeed powerful… This energy can be used to fuel up, power up my life and give it more meaning, desire and purpose.. I felt more alive, I felt motivated, I felt I had energy to give and do all the things I wanted to do… Fast forward 18 months I have not looked back, Semen Retention for me is a way of life now. Additionally, my perception began to change of women as well. Turning my back porn, movies, TV shows that were all sexual based allowed me to to view women as people, as souls who birth life.. For many years my perception was all based around sex… I had zero female friends and this was precisely why…I had intentions of sleeping with them and hurting them due to my issues at that time in my life… For more deeper dive into my issues I had with myself and women Click Here and Here to learn how I broke free from them…  I would just like to add, on the flip side once you embark on this journey it is not easy as temptations will arise, you will see the beautful tantalising women on instagram (social media) or your mind will play tricks on you where you will feel drawn to porn or sex. This journey teaches you self - mastery and self - control... Furthermore, being able to calm your nervous system down through deep breathing and meditation can help transmute the energy through your body… Energy needs to move and transmute, if it remains stuck it has to go somewhere… Hello wet dreams…. Yes, wet dreams are part of the journey as you begin to hold the energy… It is a marathon, it is a test and it is about progression rather than perfection…. This energy once you master it will turn you into a Super Man or a King..  If we were all taught this information in school we would have a very powerful, enlightened and high energy society which is the exact reason why those who rule do not teach you this powerful information… But however, ensure porn is free on the internet... Of course there are reasons for that as well…. I have hosted two very enlightening and educational Podcasts on this topic which you can listen to by Clicking Here and Here to get you started. 

For women it is a whole different ball game, however the energy remains equally as powerful and potent… As I am a Man who has learnt so much about the sexual energy of a woman..  I will leave a podcast I strongly suggest all women should listen to from Kim Anami who is a Holistic Sexual Relationships Coach. Women, you're super powerful, enjoy the listen by Clicking Here! 

Click Here I am launching a BRAND NEW 7 Week program FOR ANYONE & EVERYONE! To help you break free and begin your journey.  If the 1:1 coaching is not what you’re seeking  (at the moment) and you’re looking for something a little more generalised to start you off and also make some awesome connections in the process then this program is for you and here's why…. This 7 week program has everything. Three Guest speakers one being Scott McGee who is a Chek Holisitic Lifesyle coach who is presenting on Exercise and Nutrition. Our podcast together can be found by Clicking Here…. What do you get? Well, you get resources, meal plans, exercise plans, access to a tribe of people who are all climbing the mountain and so much more! Jump in, sign up and lets go! If you would like more information, reach out and I will answer any of your questions, queries or concerns! 

If you would like to take things one step further and take back complete control of your health and wellbeing… I offer 1:1 coaching. Everything is personalised. Meal plans, resources which have helped me, hypnosis, affirmations and so much more….  You also gain access to a tribe of people rising up the mountain with you and you also have me for life after our time together. You are still a priority after our time. 

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach.

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