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You Get One Shot: Why Not Make It Count?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Within today's modern society fear based control grid there are countless external influences that prevent you from being something better than what you are currently. From fearing colds/flus, the weather, the air, the sun etc all of this is fear based programming and these are all external things you should not fear. However, there are also internal fears that start from you when you fly out of the womb that you begin to take in subconsciously. Fears such as money, health, standing up, speaking up/publicly, being worthy, being enough, the opposite sex, having debates, starting a business etc…. Those fears are quite often your parents' fears. Furthermore, you mirror, mimic and copy your parents from ages 0-7. As humans we are pack animals and we want to bond with our parents and fit in with a similar tribe to them. It is this particular age which is the most crucial to your development into adulthood. All of your programs that you run today without conscious awareness stem from the programming you picked up during these ages. Take a look at the work of Dr Bruce Lipton for more information on this, there's a video at the bottom. I strongly suggest you watch...

Our parents did the best they could with what they had and what they knew to be true. Having said that, with all of these internal and external influences we seek safety and comfort in being exactly where we are and we resist change. This makes things in your life seem boring and mundane. Such as your job, doing the same thing each and every day etc. There is no joy, no excitement. But it's comfortable and easy right? It is that very safety and familiarity we seek out stemming back from the ages 0-7… Because back then it was also familiar and safe due to what you were exposed to. It is quite often that wounded child from the ages 0-7 that needs love, forgiveness and acceptance but also to offer that to the people that said things to you such as ‘don’t say that’, ‘don’t cry, it's weak.’ ‘Don’t do that you’ll fail.’ I’ll save the 'wounded child’ for another blog/podcast down the road and we will go deep.

Ponder this for a minute and I mean really ponder it. We all had dreams as children about being something great, something so fantastic and it didn’t happen. Perhaps you wanted to be a writer, a superhero, a singer, an actor or a speaker etc. On the flip side it's now 20-40 years down the road and you’re working a shitty mindless, soulless job that is taking you and your life nowhere. Everything is the same right? You’re lacking fulfillment and something is missing. You’re numbing your pain with alcohol, gambling, smoking, junk food, porn, pills. Etc… I understand, I have been there myself. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself ‘oh i’m too old.’ Well that's complete and utter BULLSHIT! You are never too old to be something great. Now really ponder this deeply… You’re knocking on heaven's door surrounded by those you love and you’re full of regret for everything you should have done, could have done, would have done but you didn’t…The missed opportunities, the regret of not taking the chance, taking the punt and going for it. But you played it safe…. Don’t allow fear, worry, guilt, excuses, shame and even the fear of being something great stop you from achieving your dreams. You get one shot at life, why not make it count? What would you rather?

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth - Self Sabotage Mentor/Coach.

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