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Naths' Song Review #5 Sam Smith - Unholy.

Have you noticed there is a common theme that’s seriously not right within mainstream music? Click here or tap the video below for my recent podcast on this subject… Sex, drugs, alcohol, adultery and self destruction seem to be the common themes here.. Oh I wonder why?  The intention behind these song review blogs which you can read here, are all about giving you the knowledge and information about the repetitive programming within your mainstream music. This knowledge gives you the conscious awareness to understand how most mainstream music is influencing you in your everyday life… There are many subtle ways the music is influencing you for example  the frequency of the music, the lyrics and the music video. It is crucial to remember that you become what you hear and see on a repetitive basis.. 

The song of choice for this blog is Sam Smiths - Unholy which you can listen to by Clicking Here. The lyrics of this song are destructive without conscious awareness… The first verse reads, “A lucky, lucky girl She got married to a boy like you She'd kick you out if she ever, ever knew 'Bout all the - you tell me that you do Dirty, dirty boy You know everyone is talking on the scene I hear them whispering 'bout the places that you've been And how you don't know how to keep your business clean.” It is beyond obvious here that this song is programming you to commit adultery and question your sexuality…  Look around the world today and we have adultery everywhere… It is being completely normalised in the TV programs (which are called programs for a reason), movies and music. It is an attempt at destroying the family unit and the once sacred connection between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The lower energies of Sex, lust and greed are being promoted whilst love, trust, integrity, morality and ethics are going out the window… What has this world come to? As the song moves along we have the repetition of ‘Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot At the body shop, doing something unholy three times… Given the way our subconscious minds work all it takes for you to act something out without your conscious awareness is three repetitions. Tap video below that will leave your jaw literally on the floor… An interesting word within the song is ‘Daddy’ which over the years has been used in a very sexual way amongst our youth and in sex… The repetition of ‘Daddy’ in this song is ten. Ten times you will hear the word “Daddy.” Ponder this question, why would ‘they’ put ‘Daddy’ in a song ten times? Hmmm… Another interesting part of the song I would like to bring to your attention is the repetition of ‘He left the kids at home, so he can get that.’ You will hear this three times… Can you see where this is going yet? Complete destruction of the family unit, normalising a straight man to get their needs satisfied by another man because the woman is not good enough… Wait until you watch the music video and I suggest keeping your children far away from this one… It is quite disturbing and very sexual… The video is below take a look.. 

This music video has to be seen to be believed. Within the first minute you have the husband dropping the wife off at home driving a red car and you can hear him saying ‘sorry I can’t come with you, don’t wait up for me.’ It is important to note how red is a very powerful colour and there is a reason why your news channels use red and blue when filming their ‘broad-cast.’ The colour red draws your eyes to it..  While the first minute is playing out we see red flashes of the ‘body shop.’ The wife walks inside and finds a condom in her pocket with ‘body shop’ written on it.. The second minute of the music video we see two more imprints of condoms for a grand total of three imprints in the first two minutes. Clearly here they are normalising safe sex to further promote the depopulisation agenda of humanity… Condoms are a big part of that… Click here to watch a video which further explains this… As the music video plays out we see the husband entering the body shop and we see Sam Smith dancing around on stage in what appears to be a brothel. We see flashes of men and women wearing very little, showing quite a lot… Already the subconscious is getting flooded with sex and lust… Furthermore, we have the husband surrounded by women throughout the music video and he gets dry humped in the car towards the end… This is drawing your mind towards sex and lust.. Which then turns you on and drives you toward looking for sex in the wrong places such as brothels and sex workers.. Furthermore, sexual energy is a very powerful energy and ‘they’ know this hence why there is sex everywhere here on Earth. Click here and Here for a video which explains how potent and powerful sexual energy really is.. At the very end of the music video we see the wife walking through the crowd and onto the stage where she gets a standing ovation. The husband is laying on the floor passed out as the music video draws to a close…. Ponder this question, is this really a music video your children should be watching given how powerful and easily programmable this part of the mind really is? You could be setting your children to commit this type of behaviour as they grow older and so this pattern continues down through the generations… Turn your back on this garbage yourself and your children will follow suit… Sam Smith is another puppet on a very long string in this game of chess.. Click here for a documentary explaining this very ancient and very old game of chess I am referring to here.. 

Turn the ship around by leveling up in your life and not allowing this programming to influence and program you towards self destruction through rubbish music such as this. We came here to be better than this, we are better than this. Do it not only for yourself but for the next generation coming through so we can instill morality and ethics back into our culture. We start leading by example daily for the world to see creates a ripple effect on the rest of humanity…  Let’s go! 

The best piece of advice I can give you is turning your back on this kind of music. It is messing with you. Surround yourself with music that uplifts you and inspires you. Music that lights up your soul and your entire being. Surround yourself with positivity and positivity will come into your life. You have the power..  Use that power and energy into becoming your best version of you. Do not feed this beast anymore and it will die a slow painful death and we can turn this world around for our children. 

Work with me one on one and I can help you transform into superman or superwoman… The programming they use through your screens programs you to destroy yourself without your conscious awareness.. I have the same information and the same techniques to lead you up the ladder of success in your own life… It can be so quick and so simple!! Click here to learn more and book in your free zoom consultation. 

Reach out anytime I am always here for you…

I look forward to nudging you back on your path to the life of your dreams. 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are!

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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