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Naths’ Song Review #4 Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me.

The people have spoken…. After the success of my first three song reviews which you can read by clicking here. It was time I picked a male artist and a song that is programming our young boys of today… Jack Harlow’s ‘Lovin on me’ is the song of choice… This song is currently in the top 5 all over the world… 

The programming inside our male hip/hop rap music since 2000 has the common theme of sex, drugs and alcohol… Take a look around our current society and what do you see out there? Boys that are only interested in sex. Boys taking drugs and drinking alcohol thinking they’re having the time of their lives. I was one of these boys for a very long time myself and you can read more about that by clicking here and here… Given the way our subconscious minds work through repetition… For instance, if the repetition through music has been sex, drugs and alcohol then that is what you will act out… Furthermore, you will deem this as a familiar and safe thing to do inside your subconscious… Consider that next time you listen to music… Time to deep dive into this song. Jack Harlow - Lovin on me. You can listen by clicking here..

The lyrics of this song are unbelievable and it makes perfect sense to what is currently happening amongst our males of today…. Within this particular song you will find the classic programming of perceiving women as sexual objects … This programming once you have the eyes to see and the ears to listen is in most male music… However, this song is another level up from that.. Three repetitions of “I’m vanilla baby, I’ll choke you, I ain’t no killer baby.” This is all it takes for males to believe that women enjoy being treated this way… Here is a video which explains and shows the concept of repetitions.. Another verse reads. “Young M-I-S-S-I-O-N-A-R-Y, You sharp like barbed wire, She stole my heart, then she got archived, I keep it short with a b-, Lord Farquaad.” Another verse reads, “All the girls in the front row (ayy) All the girls in the barricade (ayy) All the girls that been waiting all day, let your tongue hang out, f- everything (ayy) If you came with a man (yeah, yeah) Let go of his hand (let go of that -) Everybody in the suite, kicking up they feet, stand up, b-, dance.” Males are clearly being programmed to believe that treating women this way is cool which will get them influence and status… Additionally, it is all about sex rather than building something meaningful with a woman… This is all ego centered… We did not come here to be ego centered. We came here to be heart centered… A heart centered male is extremely powerful.. Now, time to analyse the music video to this song… Click Here to watch. 

Within the first 30 seconds we see women wearing very little and showing quite a lot… Additionally, women can be seen licking ice cream, putting on lip gloss, licking lollipops and dancing in a very sexual way.. Young males particularly children can potentially become aroused watching this music video.. This can be quite dangerous in leading them to porn.. It’s important to note that Jack can be seen wearing a shirt that says ‘shoplifter.’ The repetition of this throughout is seven… Seven quick repetitions… Although surface level, this can be quite harmful to the subconscious as it is repetition based… The seven imprints of ‘shoplifter’ can program anyone to shoplift if they’re not consciously aware. The subconscious mind works like going to a gym, the more repetitions the more strength you have. With the subconscious the more reps of negative the more negative you will be and vice versa with positive.. Furthermore, the subconscious cannot differentiate between positive, negative, immoral, moral, ethical and unethical.. Shoplifting has gone up amongst youth.. The imprint of Jack wearing the shirt may have something to do with this… Ponder this question… The song is all about sex so why would Jack be wearing a shirt like this? Interesting…. Click here for a video which will leave your jaw on the floor at how you can be mind controlled in just 6 minutes. Another interesting pick up was Jack can be seen wearing a hat that says ‘corporate target.’ Jack is most definitely the opposite… His heavy sexual and self abusive music sells.. Jack is a corporate puppet more than anything… This is a very long long game of chess being played here…. Click here to find out more about that… Mainstream music can wreak havoc in your lives, it can lead you down a very dark road of self abuse and self destruction. It is portrayed in music such as this and society as the ‘cool’ thing to do… It is most certainly not the cool thing to do… 

In summary, women do not like or enjoy being treated this way and they are much more than a sexual object. They create life with the Divine Masculine and more powerfully they give birth to life.. Women are powerful human beings.. Once boys can understand this. Then become a man and turn their back on rubbish hip hop such as this song. Only then will boys' perceptions, habits and lives change for the better. 

The best piece of advice I can give you is turning your back on this kind of music. It is messing with you. Surround yourself with music that uplifts you and inspires you. Music that lights up your soul and your entire being. Surround yourself with positivity and positivity will come into your life. You have the power..  Use that power and energy into becoming your best version of you. Do not feed this beast anymore and it will die a slow painful death and we can turn this world around for our children. 

Work with me one on one and I can help you transform into superman or superwoman… The programming they use through your screens programs you to destroy yourself without your conscious awareness.. I have the same information and the same techniques to lead you up the ladder of success in your own life… It can be so quick and so simple!! Click here to learn more and book in your free zoom consultation. 

Reach out anytime I am always here for you…

I look forward to nudging you back on your path to the life of your dreams. 

Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are!

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach/Mentor. 

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