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Show Notes: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss.

Nathan’s Blog ‘The Truth From Within Shall Set Us All Free:


How Caffeine Is Killing You Ft. Stephen Cherniske

ABC Reporter feeling the effects of Coffee:

Organic Food/Pesticides Family gets urine tested before switching to organic food and two weeks afterwards, the results are quite surprising.

Dave Sandoval explains what Glyphosate is and how harmful it really is

Vaccine Links (General)

Tanners Blog “Are Vaccines Safe and Effective”

CDC admits in Court there are no Studies of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated This is a link to a vaccine insert for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella they have listed ingredients and adverse reactions.

Vaccine Insert for Influenza

Vaccine Insert for TB

Bill Gates Did Not Vaccinate His Own Children

This website lists doctors who are against vaccines

This Website Has amazing graphs and data laid out in an easy to read way. They also do a good job of linking the data and graphs to the reports that they came from.

This website keeps track of the vaccine compensation statistics

This is the link to where the CDC has a graph that shows disease declined before vaccines.

The documentary Vaxxed, which has many doctors come forth to talk about the issue. They have also release Vaxxed II.

Shots in the dark another vaccine documentary

A free documentary series called the truth about vaccines comes out on October 13th

Here is a list of links (over 70) of doctors coming out about the dangers of vaccines.

Dr. Nancy Banks –

Dr. Suzanne Humphries –

Dr. Larry Palevsky –

Dr. Toni Bark –

Dr. Andrew Wakefield –

Dr. Meryl Nass –

Dr. Raymond Obomsawin –

Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot –

Dr. Robert Rowen –

Dr. David Ayoub –

Dr. Boyd Haley PhD –

Dr. Rashid Buttar –

Dr. Roby Mitchell –

Dr. Ken Stoller –

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein –

Dr. Frank Engley, PhD –

Dr. David Davis –

Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych –

Dr. Harold E Buttram –

Dr. Kelly Brogan –

Dr. RC Tent –

Dr. Rebecca Carley –

Dr. Andrew Moulden –

Dr. Michael Elice –

Dr. Terry Wahls –

Dr. Stephanie Seneff –

Dr. Paul Thomas –

Many doctors talking at once –

Dr. Richard Moskowitz –

Dr. Jane Orient –

Dr. Richard Deth –

Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic –

Dr. Chris Shaw –

Dr. Susan McCreadie –

Dr. Mary Ann Block –

Dr. David Brownstein –

Dr. Jayne Donegan –

Dr. Troy Ross –

Dr. Philip Incao –

Dr. Joseph Mercola –

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet –

Dr. Robert Mendelson –

Dr. Garth Nicolson –

Dr. Marc Girard –

Dr. Charles Richet –

Dr. Zac Bush –

Dr. Lawrence Wilson –

Dr. James Howenstine –

Dr Burton A. Waisbren, Sr., M.D. –

Dr. Sam Eggertsen –

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar –

Dr. Judy Mikovits –

Dr. John Bergan –

Dr. Rima E. Laibow –

Dr. Lee Hieb –

Dr. Daniel Kalb –

Dr. Rachel Ross –

Dr. Kathryn H Hale –

Dr. Anthony Phan –

Dr. Daniel Neides –

Dr. Christiane Northrup –

Dr. James Neuenschwander –

Dr. James Meehan –

Dr. Christopher Exley –

Dr. Graham Downing –

Dr. Judy Wilyman –

Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones –

Dr. Ray Andrew – click here

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt – click here

Vaccine Links (Covid-19)

Federal Government HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Shit” HHS Inside Jodi O’Malley and James O’Keefe discuss how the above video was censored off of Facebook/Instagram

John Stokes was a Division 1 NCAA College Golfer but will now miss his senior season due to heart disease after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 shots. He claims this is happening to many other student-athletes who are being forced to take the shots, and that someone tried to "buy" his story to keep it quiet.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Steve Kirsch, and Dr. Jessica Rose come forward in an FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee and explain that the Vaccine is much more harmful than it is protective. In the video they go over statistics about the VAERS reports, however, we know that hospitals are not properly reporting the VAERS reports so the number is actually much higher.

Scientists and Doctors around the world speak out against the vaccine

Dr. Malone the co-inventor of MRNA (the new technology used in the covid vaccine) warns against the covid vaccine. He is now being erased from the internet.

Dr. Judy Wilyman an Australian doctor speaks out about how doctors are being gagged from speaking out against the vaccine.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains that the CDC is listing Vaccinated deaths as Unvaccinated at the link below.

Dr. Jane Ruby reports shocking injuries to large numbers of young children from the experimental injections.

A nurse from Australia speaks up about what she has seen in this short clip.

This video is a bit older, but even back in December 8th, 2020 many Doctors were warning about this.

Teflon Links

The Devil We Know (The Truth About Teflon): Lawsuit on DuPont the creator of Teflon for a chemical spill of C8 (a manmade toxic chemical): This link has 3 different articles that explain who DuPont is, what there products are, cases against Dupont, and how it “slipped” by the EPA (are they really there to protect us?):

Fluoride Links The Biophysics of Fluoride by Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse Dr. Dean Burk - Fluoride Causes Cancer (Information known back in in the 1930’s)

Link To Dr. Jack Kruse:

Links To Nathans Blue Light & Computer Glasses:


Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki


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