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The Weakened Male

Updated: 6 days ago

Amongst our modern society it is quite evident for those with the eyes to see that our males are weak.. Very few men are physically strong, healthy, tapped into their divine masculinity and leading our society as moral and ethical human beings… We just aren’t seeing it amongst the general public….  Furthermore, the weakening of the male has been slow. Why? Because if the weakening were to happen fast more people would notice and take action… Our boys are too busy… Too busy down at the local pub drinking beers, gambling, watching sport, watching tv, smoking/vaping, sitting on the couch with their hands down their pants to take any action in their lives… Boys are not born this way and I will tell you how. Boys have been conditioned over time to live like a forever child and to not take the rite of passage from child, to fully functional grown up mature adult. I have spoken and written at length how all of this has been orchestrated through the Tv, Radio, Social Media, Movies and Music.. 

We have males growing up in the porn, hook up, sexualised culture where they only want one thing from women… Sex…. It’s horrific and it's everywhere. This is all thanks to porn, onlyfans, Tv, Music and Movies… Which you can listen to more about by Clicking Here.. On the flip side, a strong healthy masculine male does not behave this way. They respect themselves and they respect women for the birthers of life they are. They do not sexualise them.. 

Our young males are conditioned to drink beer, sleep around, gamble, party, watch sport, watch porn, laze around, have no long term vision for the future, chase instant gratification and/or dopamine, chuckle and throw up in the bushes… Movies such as Step Brothers condition the male to be the forever child.. Furthermore, watch any Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell movie as it is the same conditioning and same programming. Moreover, Tv shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy.. Are you aware of the conditioning? What’s the theme here? Overweight, lazy, beer guzzling, forever child Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin…  Are you seeing what’s going on here? Are you sure? 

However, there is another layer to this conditioning that I would like to bring to your attention. The school system… The school system conditions boys to follow orders, comply and be a "good" little student… The child then grows up to act the conditioning out. Working for someone else, building someone elses dream, taking orders, and being a "good" employee. This can only go one way... The 'good' little student as they become older begins to resent themselves and the 'system', for being this way and not taking any action.. Look around society today and you will see these old, grumpy, angry, resentful, full of regret and bitter men... This is why... The more you act this conditioning out on a repetitive subconscious basis, the more rewards from the system you gain. In school it was a sticker, a ‘treat’, extra free time etc…. That boy grows up and gets a promotion, a pay raise, employee of the month etc… That boy cannot decipher between what’s right and wrong.. What is moral and ethical and when to stand in or step up… The male instinctive nature is to step in and stand up.. Look around and we can clearly see not many males are stepping in and standing up why? Because this system has conditioned them this way. No one is born this way. 


Remember first and foremost you are not born this way. Progression not perfection. Begin the journey physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually… Get up off the couch and move your body. Our bodies are not designed to sit around all day. Drink more water. Eat organic nutrient dense wholefood. Transmute your life force energy... Remember that energy can help create a life, human life... Don't waste it over porn, in your tissues or in a sock.. Use the energy to birth and create your life if you're not with a woman creating a new human life... If you would like more information, reach out to me... Furthermore, start the journey within. Rediscover your purpose and why you are here.. Start a side hustle, invest some money in gold and silver. Connect with yourself and understand why you have been doing the things you have been doing. Start leading by example for our children and future generations. You do not have to be young to do this.. You can start at any age, at any give time.. Our children mirror, mimic and copy everything we do. If you’re a forever child, beer guzzling, lazy, smoking, gambling disaster then our children will follow suit. This starts and ends with us and our habits. Let’s begin to take better care of ourselves as males and the leaders of society. Click Here for a Mens Roudtable Podcast which will help start your journey...

If you wish to become a REAL King in your life (not a conditioned King) then work with me. I will show you how to break free and step out into the world with a purpose and motivation.. We will go deep into everything and I will provide a space for you to express it all and turn it into the greatest comeback story ever! It’s your story, let's write it together.   Free zoom consultation to begin the journey? Easy done. Contact me and let's go. 

I am launching a BRAND NEW 7 Week program to help you break free and begin this journey.  CLICK HERE to learn more... If the 1:1 coaching is not what you’re seeking (at the moment) and you’re looking for something a little more generalised to start you off and also make some awesome connections in the process then this program is for you and here's why…. This 7 week program has everything. Guest speakers (TBA), resources, a tribe of people who are all climbing the mountain and so much more! Jump in, sign up and lets go! If you would like more information, reach out and I will answer any of your questions, queries or concerns! 

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for reading wherever in the world you are.

Nathan Francis: Youth Self - Sabotage Coach. 

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05 may

What is this drivel? It reads like a half baked conspiracy written by someone sweating out a quarter life crisis. How much of this is a diary entry and how much is AI copy?

Can't believe we nearly made it the whole way without selling a wifi frequency blocker.

What is 'step in, stand up'? Buzzwords passed on from your MLM upline?

This borders on toxic masculinity pish, negates 2nd and 3rd wave feminism, and reads like a first draft.

'Woman are birthers' hilarious, put that in your hinge bio.

Tell me, am I bitter and resentful because I was a good little boy at school and now I can't tell what's right and wrong morally?

Me gusta
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